Murder of Norma Rodriguez by Warren Mackey investigated on Betrayed

Pic of Norma Rodriguez
Norma Rodriguez was murdered by coworker Warren Mackey. Pic credit: Family pic

Betrayed on ID is examining the murder of mother-of-two Norma Rodriguez, who was killed by her colleague, Warren Mackey, at her home in Port Hueneme, California.

Rodriguez was strangled to death by her Kmart colleague, Mackey, with her 4-year-old son in the apartment.

The motive behind the murder remains unclear, Rodriguez and Mackey were colleagues and friends, but they were never romantically involved. The killer didn’t have a criminal record.

On June 1, 1993, Rodriguez’s ex-husband, Anthony Rodriguez, went to collect their youngest son from the victim’s apartment. After failing to get an answer, family members kicked in the door and discovered that Rodriguez had been strangled to death. Thankfully, the boy was unharmed.

It was later concluded that Rodriguez had probably been killed two days previously. The 32-year-old’s head had been wrapped in duct tape.

The cops had very little to go on. There were no signs of forced entry, no burglary, and the victim had not been sexually assaulted. She was described by the LA Times as a devoted mother who would be unlikely to take risks.

At the time, Mackey was considered a suspect; however, he passed a polygraph test and was ruled out as the culprit. Unfortunately, the case grew cold, and nothing happened for ten years.

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DNA evidence led to arrest of Warren Mackay for Norma Rodriguez murder

Everything changed in the summer of 2003 when cold case officers began a fresh hunt for the killer, this time armed with DNA samples. Mackey had voluntarily supplied his DNA along with a few other acquaintances, but it was Mackey who proved to be a match.

On Mackey’s arrest, investigator Dennis Fitzgerald said, “We have absolutely overwhelming DNA evidence. It is very satisfying, especially for the family’s sake and her sake, that it has come to this point. It has been a long time coming.”

Mackey eventually agreed to plead guilty to murder, and in 2015, he was sentenced to 15 years to life.

In July 2012, Mackey was already up for parole; however, the board refused to release him or consider him for parole until at least another ten years. He’s next due to appear in front of the board in August 2023.

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Betrayed airs Saturday at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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