Murder of Morgan Rogers and baby Leah Rogers by Stafford Shaw examined on Evil Lives Here

Family pic of Morgan and Leah Rogers
Morgan and Leah Rogers were brutally murdered by Stafford Shaw. Pic credit: Family photo

Evil Lives Here is in Petersburg, Virginia, to investigate the tragic case of Morgan R. Rogers and her infant daughter Leah Rogers who were murdered by estranged boyfriend, Stafford Shaw.

On May 29, 2015, Shaw shot dead his estranged girlfriend, 34-year-old Morgan, and their 1-year-old infant daughter Leah.

Later that afternoon, the police performed a welfare check and discovered the bodies of Morgan and her daughter. They had both been shot in the head.

An investigation of the crime quickly established Shaw as the primary suspect. Shortly after the killing, detectives learned that Shaw had made phone calls and texts admitting that he had been Morgan’s killer.

Shaw was later spotted by the police traveling on an Interstate, and when a State Trooper attempted to pull him over, he hit the gas pedal and tried to escape.

Tragically, Shaw crashed through the central median and sped into oncoming traffic, where he collided with another vehicle. The couple who were traveling in the other car died at the scene, as did Shaw himself.

Stafford Shaw tried to claim Morgan Rogers had killed Leah

Shaw’s family told the police that he had claimed that Morgan had shot her daughter and that he had killed her in retaliation. Shaw’s brother said that the killer had phoned their sister just before he died in the crash and said: “She shot the baby.”

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However, autopsy examinations and investigative analysis revealed that it would have been “physically impossible” for Morgan to shoot Leah. When they died, Morgan and Leah had been lying beside each other on a bed, which suggested Shaw must have murdered both of them.

The police also discovered that Shaw had a lengthy history of violence against women, and he had previously been arrested for assault and battery against Morgan. He was also arrested in 2008 for attacking his former fiancé, Sonja Holt.

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Evil Lives Here airs at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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3 years ago

Condolences. Sympathy prayers fr. The victims. Of. Stafford shaw. They didn’t deserve. To. Be. Killed and. IAM glad they gt. Justice fr. The. Victims. May all of the Great good work deeds thgs victims. Spkfr them always???????????️?️

3 years ago

Rip. Leah. Morgan. And. Others. Victims. I. Couldn’t. Find a. Grave rip. God bless?️?️?️?️????????

John C. King
John C. King
3 years ago

I didn’t know people lived in funeral homes.

Samantha M.
Samantha M.
1 month ago

We didn’t get along in real life because we were too alike. RIP. I know you were doing great. I’m sorry that the world also lost Leah’s joy.

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