Murder of Mollett family by Kara Garvin questioned on Reasonable Doubt

Mugshot of Kara Girvan
Kara Girvan was convicted of murdering three members of the Mollett family. Ohio Dept. of Corrections

Reasonable Doubt is investigating the 2008 murder of three members of the same family, Edward Mollett, his wife Juanita Mollett, and their daughter Christina Mollett were all shot dead by Kara Garvin in their home in Franklin Furnace, Ohio.

The family of Garvin has long maintained that she is innocent and was incapable of committing such a horrific crime. The team at Reasonable Doubt decided to review the evidence to see if they could come to a different conclusion than the arresting officers.

On the evening of December 22, 2008, Edward and Juanita Mollett’s 6-year-old grandson ran, covered in blood, to a neighbor’s trailer screaming that his grandparents and aunt had been shot.

The cops arrived a short time later and discovered 46-year-old Edward, 43-year-old Juanita, and 20-year-old Christina Mollett lying dead on the floor of their trailer.

The police learned that Kara Girvan and her boyfriend, Paul Balmer, had regularly bought drugs from Edward Mollett. And the Mollett grandson later told cops that the killer had been Garvin.

Police say Mollett murder was botched robbery by Kara Garvin

The police concluded that the Mollett’s had been the victims of a botched robbery. They believe that Balmer waited in a car outside the trailer while Garvin went inside to steal drugs but ended up committing murder instead.

Balmer later testified against his girlfriend and said she’d been in the trailer at the time of the murder. He also admitted to hiding guns and clothes when he heard that she had been arrested.

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Garvin’s family has long maintained that Balmer was probably the killer. Balmer is currently serving jail time for the attempted murder of Daniel Mollett, a relative of the shooting victims. That incident occurred approximately a month before the murders.

Garvin handed herself into the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office when she learned the police were looking for her. Despite her protestations, she was charged with triple homicide.

Garvin was convicted of murder and was sentenced to an aggregate term of life imprisonment without parole.

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Reasonable Doubt airs at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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1 year ago

she is the one that murdered my family bruttally she deserves to die in there i c ant wait for that day to come

11 months ago

I am sorry Jessica for the loss of your family. Truly horrific crime.

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