Murder of MaryAnn Clibbery by George H. Hansen spotlighted on Murder in the Heartland

Crime scene tape photo
MaryAnn Clibbery was found dead inside her remodeling business, and her killer was her own business partner, George H. Hansen. Pic credit: Monsters and Critics

The latest episode of Murder In The Heartland on Investigation Discovery spotlights the case of 69-year-old MaryAnn Clibbery, who was brutally murdered by George H. Hansen.

As Clibbery, of Rockford, Illinois, was getting ready to leave Al Zullo Remodeling Specialists in Loves Park, a business she co-owned with Hansen, on December 21, 2004, she was attacked from behind and beaten to death with a hammer.

The following day, Hansen and an employee discovered Clibbery’s bloodied body in the back hallway and immediately alerted police.

Three days later on December 23, investigators found a bag on the frozen Rock River. Inside were Clibbery’s purse, gloves, a sweater, and the murder weapon.

Public defender Frank Perri stated that Hansen put the evidence inside a bag and threw it over the Bridge Street bridge in Roscoe, not realizing the river was frozen.

Officials said they believe Hansen murdered Clibbery because she confronted him about stealing money from their business.

Although Hansen denied killing his business partner of five years, DNA evidence linked him to the murder. He was arrested at his home and charged with first-degree murder and booked into the Winnebago County Jail.

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He was 64 years old when he was convicted and sentenced to 60 years in the Pontiac Correctional Center.

Murder In The Heartland — Bad For Business, airs at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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