Murder of Lee-Ann Shannon in the bathtub by ruthless husband Tim: Crime examined in The Councilman And His Nanny on ID

Tim and LeeAnn Shannon in happier times
Tim Shannon pictured in happier times. Pic credit: True Crime Daily / YouTube

In this case, Lee-Ann Shannon of Hart, Michigan, was drowned in a bathtub. It was the same day her husband had expected her to move out of the house. At first, the death was put down as a tragic accident, then suicide was suspected, and finally, the police realized they had a homicide on their hands.

The killer turned out to be her husband, city councilman Timothy Shannon. On the same day, he insisted his wife move out of their home so he could move his young mistress in, he held 34-year-old Lee-Ann’s head underwater in a bathtub until she stopped breathing.

Tim Shannon telephoned police on December 29th, 2019, to inform them that his wife had accidentally drowned in the bath. Police were suspicious of this scenario. At one point, suicide was a theory; however, police gradually focussed their attention on Tim.

Investigators soon began to uncover details that made it clear that this was a troubled marriage. Tim was having an affair with a much younger woman, Jamie Hathaway, who incredibly had moved into the house on the day Lee-Ann died. Hathaway had previously lived at the house, she had been homeless, and the Shannon’s kindly took her in. It was then that Hathaway and Tim developed a relationship.

Shannon lied continuously to the police. He told them that Lee-Ann had been an alcoholic and that this was the reason he wanted her to move out, for the sake of their two children.  He also told police that she had attacked him from the bath and tried to pull him in. Investigators decided that both these statements were fabrications.

The Hart Police Department relinquished control of the case to Oceana County Sheriff’s Office due to Tim Shannon’s position as a Hart council member, a position he later resigned.

Shannon pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and the judge sentenced to between 13 and 75 years. The actual length of the sentence will be decided by the Michigan Dept. of Corrections parole board.

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The sentencing judge said that in cases involving death that the ultimate justice would be to have Lee-Ann’s life restored and Tim Shannon’s life taken, but the court has to live within the law.

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