Murder of Lauren Kidd by Konner Brunner investigated on American Monster

Mugshot of Konner Brunner
Konner Brunner was convicted of killing Lauren Kidd. Pic credit: BAPD

American Monster is investigating the murder of Lauren Kidd, who was shot dead by her ex-boyfriend, Konner Brunner, during an argument in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

The 21-year-old Kidd was reported missing on October 30, 2018, when she failed to appear at a family Halloween party. Witnesses reported last seeing her alive three days previously with Brunner.

A few days later, the police discovered suspicious-looking stains on the seats of his car. Two of his friends would later testify that they had seen stains that may have been blood in his car and that Brunner owned a .45-caliber handgun.

Brunner initially denied having anything to do with Kidd’s disappearance, and the cops’ investigation was hampered by the lack of any remains. But they soon began to get to the bottom of what happened.

Konner Brunner admitted to shooting Lauren Kidd

The killer eventually admitted that the pair had had an argument while sitting in his car in a parking lot at a Broken Arrow apartment complex. He said his gun was accidentally discharged and that he dumped Kidd’s body into a recycling bin.

The police found traces of human blood on the bin, but there was no body. The BAPD learned that the recycling waste traveled to a paper mill in Valliant, OK, a small town nearly 200 miles south of Broken Arrow, so they sent down a large team of officers to do a search.

At the paper mill, the police discovered traces of human DNA, which came back as a match to Lauren Kidd. Unfortunately, for the victim’s family, the body has never been recovered.

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In January 2020, a jury convicted Brunner of first-degree murder and recommended that he be sentenced to life behind bars. It is possible he will be eligible for parole after serving a minimum of 38 years.

On Brunner’s conviction, Kidd’s mother, Christa Kidd, said, “The options he had at the moment when he took her life – he didn’t call the cops and say, ‘Come and get this girl. We’re not getting along. We’re arguing,’ He didn’t do that. He didn’t bring her home. He didn’t do that.”

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