Murder of Lara Muscolino by Ricardo Muscolino investigated on Fatal Vows

Mugshot of Ricardo Muscolino
Ricardo Muscolino is serving a lengthy sentence for callously killing his wife. Pic credit: Harford County Sheriff’s Office

Fatal Vows: Lethal Love Triangles is examining the murder of Lara Muscolino, who was shot dead by her husband, Ricardo Muscolino, at their home in Fallston, Maryland.

On August 31, 2016, Ricardo learned from their eldest daughter that Lara had been having an affair. He responded by firing a gun five times at the 48-year-old, hitting her with four bullets as she lay in bed. The couple’s three daughters were in the house at the time.

Ricardo then left the house and went straight to a police station, where he told officers he was “involved in the incident” on Windswept Court that had just been called in to 911.

The paramedics found Lara still alive and transported her to Bayview Hospital, but unfortunately, she passed away the following morning.

The trajectory of the bullet suggested Lara had been in a defensive position when she was shot.

The sound of the crime was recorded by a nanny cam placed in the living room. Lara could be overheard shouting, “Stop it, don’t point that at me. Stop it, Ricardo,” before yelling for her oldest daughter, “Vivian!”

Ricardo Muscolino was captured killing Lara Muscolino on nannycam

The nanny cam also had a video recording that showed Ricardo going up the stairs with a firearm just before the shots were fired. The camera then captured the killer walking back down the stairs.

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The video footage only came to light a week after the murder. The couple’s daughter, Vivian Muscolino, accessed the camera by using her mother’s login details because she was concerned someone was stealing from their unoccupied house while she stayed in foster care.

Ricardo Muscolino was convicted in a jury trial of second-degree murder and was given the maximum allowed sentence of 50 years in prison. He must complete at least 50% of this sentence before he is eligible for parole.

Harford County Circuit Court Judge Yolanda Curtin told the killer he had shown “no mercy” to Lara and added, “It’s disturbing to the court that a person who lived an otherwise law-abiding life committed a heinous crime with his daughters in the home, all because Mrs. Muscolino had an affair.”

Ricardo Muscolino reportedly regretted killing Lara Muscolino

The killer did not speak at his sentencing, but his legal team claimed he was “extraordinarily sad and remorseful” about the killing.

Vivian Muscolino asked Judge Curtin to be lenient on her father, lamenting that she had already lost her mother and would now lose her father to prison. She said, “My world is crumbling around me.”

Fatal Vows: Lethal Love Triangles airs Saturday at 7/6c on Investigation Discovery.

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