Murder of Keon Jackson by Laquan Paskel and Morgan Tollefson examined on The Murder Tapes

Mugshots of Laquan Paskel and Morgan Tollefson
Laquan Paskel and Morgan Tollefson were both given lengthy sentences for killing Keon Jackson. Pic credit: Hot Springs Police Dept

The Murder Tapes is investigating the murder of Keon Lashawn Jackson, who was gunned down during a drug deal by Laquan Paskel and Morgan Tollefson in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Paskel and Tollefson, both 18 at the time, hatched a devious plan to rob Jackson by luring him to the scene of the crime with an offer to buy drugs. Paskel was the triggerman, and Tollefson supplied the bait to lure him to his death.

In the early hours of March 23, 2019, the Hot Springs police got a report of shots fired near a parking lot. When the cops arrived, they found 21-year-old Jackson lying on the concrete in front of an apartment building. He had been shot multiple times.

The murder investigation was greatly helped, perhaps surprisingly, by Tollefson, who told detectives that a man called Booman had asked her to call Jackson to ask him to sell her some marijuana for $80.

Tollefson explained that she met Jackson and took him to a parking lot to meet Booman, who was expected to pay for the drugs. On their arrival, this Booman shot the victim 4 to 5 times. Tollefson then alleged that Jackson fled on foot while the killer dragged her into the car and drove off.

The cops soon identified Booman as Paskel through his Facebook page. The detectives also began to suspect that Tollefson had known about the real plan all along.

Laquan Paskel confessed to killing Keon Jackson in Hot Springs, AS

When Paskel was arrested, he admitted to shooting Jackson but claimed he had only wanted to rob him. He said he fired when Jackson reached for a gun. The killer also claimed that he’d discussed the robbery plan with Tollefson beforehand.

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The police also obtained screenshots from a conversation that implied Tollefson had been privy to the plan.

The murderous couple were both charged with capital murder and could have faced the death penalty.

Eventually, both Paskel and Tollefson agreed to plead guilty to first-degree murder. Paskel was sentenced to 40 years, and Tollefson received 25 years for her role in the murder.

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