Murder of Julie Curry Boyd and her father by ex-husband featured on Your Worst Nightmare

This episode of Your Worst Nightmare features the tragic case of Julie Curry Boyd and her father, both gunned down by her ex.

Julie was married to Kenneth Boyd for 13 years, but it was a volatile relationship and by 1988 the pair were estranged. She had moved with her sons to live with her father, but it was no easy task getting away from Kenneth.

He stalked Julie several times, even giving her son a bullet with a note saying it was for her. Eventually things came to a head and Kenneth drove round to where Julie was staying and shot both her and her father dead.

One of her sons was trapped under her body as Kenneth shot her repeatedly with a .375 Magnum. The boy managed to escape and Julie’s other son made an attempt to grab the gun from Kenneth.

He then fled to his car to reload before coming back into the house, though this time he called the police and told them what he’d done. When they arrived he surrendered without a fight and confessed to the murders.

In 1994 he was sentenced to death for killing Julie Curry Boyd and her father Thomas Dillard Curry. After various appeals Kenneth was executed by lethal injection in 2005, he was the 1000th person executed in America since capital punishment restarted in 1977.

Your Worst Nightmare featuring Julie Curry Boyd’s case airs at 2:00 PM on Investigation Discovery. 

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