Murder of Jordan Lum by Carmie Nelson investigated on Fear Thy Roommate

Mugshot of Carmie Nelson
Carmie Nelson was sentenced to life for killing roommate, Jordan Lum. Pic credit: Summerville Police Dept

Fear Thy Roommate is in Summerville, South Carolina, to examine the tragic case of Jordan Lum, who was beaten to death by her roommate, Carmie Nelson.

On April 4, 2017, Carmie’s husband, Daniel Nelson, dialed 911 and told the dispatcher that his wife had killed her roommate Jordan Lum. He said she had summoned him to the home to help her clean up the crime scene.

The 52-year-old Carmie Nelson had been living at the house with 51-year-old Jordan Lum since the pair had met at a drug treatment facility. Carmie’s husband, Daniel, lived in a tent in the woods.

The police were dispatched to the house, and when they arrived, they found Carmie holding a knife to her throat and threatening to kill herself.

They also found the decomposing remains of Lum in a wooden crate in the garage. She had been beaten and stabbed to death and had been dead for two days.

Carmie had tried to prevent the cops from finding Lum’s body by telling them she was at a drug rehabilitation facility in California.

Carmie Nelson confessed on tape to killing Jordan Lum

Daniel provided the police with recordings where his wife could be heard admitting to beating Lum with a hammer. Carmie can be heard saying she had attacked Lum with a hammer while she sat on a sofa. She said when Lum had tried to flee, she’d kept hitting her and didn’t stop.

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Lum and Carmie had bonded at a substance abuse treatment center and had agreed to become roommates. Unfortunately, the pair had massive issues with each other when they drank.

Shortly before the murder, Lum had actually called the police on her roommate. An act that had enraged Carmie, causing her to write offensive text messages and a Facebook post about Lum.

Carmie tried to blame the whole crime on Daniel; she claimed that her husband had killed Lum and then held her hostage for two days, which had prevented her from reporting the murder.

She also said that Daniel had forced her to make the incriminating recordings by threatening to kill her dog. And that she was heavily intoxicated on alcohol and drugs at the time.

The police refused to accept her lies, and she was charged with murder. In May 2019, a jury convicted her, and she was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Daniel Nelson was also charged with being an accessory to murder after he confessed to moving Lum’s body.

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Fear Thy Roommate airs at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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2 years ago

Carmie’s action was disgusting! I can’t stand ppl like her. They Use others than get mad when the other person has had enough! The law needs to change to protect the owner of the property! I hope Jordans family filed a suit against that town. Carmie should never see the light of day. Garbage!

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