Murder of Jennifer Dulos: 48 Hours on ID investigate main suspects Fotis Dulos and Michelle Troconis

Mugshots of Fotis Dulos and Michelle Troconis
The police suspect that Fotis Dulos and Michelle Troconis may have been involved in the disappearance of Jennifer Dulos. Pic credit: New Canaan Police Dept.

48 Hours on ID is investigating the disappearance and assumed murder of Jennifer Dulos, who disappeared from her home in New Canaan, Connecticut, in 2017.

The police have long suspected that she was murdered by her ex-husband Fotis Dulos with the help of girlfriend Michelle Troconis and his friend Kent Mawhinney. However, Fotis died in 2020, and the COVID-19 pandemic has delayed a trial in the case of the other two suspects.

Jennifer and Fotis Dulos married in 2004 and had five children together, and from the outside, the couple appeared to be living an idyllic lifestyle. They were beautiful and successful and had made a home in a well-heeled neighborhood of New Canaan.

But unfortunately, all was not well in the marriage, and the pair filed for divorce in 2017. By 2019, the 50-year-old Jennifer was embroiled in a bitter custody dispute with her husband Fotis, and on May 24, she vanished without a trace.

Jennifer dropped her kids off at school and was not heard from again. Her car was found at a nearby park, but it’s unknown what happened to her.

The police believe that she returned home and suffered a  “serious physical assault” in her garage. They found blood splatter and bloodstains in the garage. The cops also found clothes and sponges covered in Jennifer’s blood dumped in various trashcans around Hartford, CT.

Fotis Dulos was main suspect in Jennifer Dulos murder

The police were instantly suspicious of Fotis Dulos, and their suspicions seemed to be confirmed when they uncovered surveillance footage of Fotis and his girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, dumping garbage bags in trash cans around Hartford, CT.

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The cops concluded that Dulos lay in wait for his ex-wife before brutally murdering her and enlisting the help of girlfriend Troconis and his friend, attorney Kent Mawhinney, to cover up the crime.

Unfortunately, Dulos never had his day in front of a judge, as he died from an apparent suicide on January 30, 2020. He left behind a note in which he claimed his innocence.

“I refuse to spend even an hour more in jail for something I had NOTHING to do with,” read the handwritten note. “I want it to be known that Michelle Troconis had nothing to do with Jennifer’s disappearance. And neither did Kent Mawhinney.”

Dulos’s defense lawyer later claimed that his client had been framed. They said the real killer had dumped the bloody clothes on Dulos’s porch in an attempt to put him in the frame.

Troconis and Mawhinney are still facing charges of conspiracy to commit murder. Their cases were put on hold because of the coronavirus pandemic, but Troconis is due to appear in court in September 2021.

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48 Hours on ID airs at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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2 years ago

I know that Fotis Dulos and Michelle are suspected of the end of Jennifer Dulos, but don’t forget Mawhinney. I believe he’s still a suspect also. Conspiracy.

2 years ago
Reply to  Blanche

It’s possible that this conspiracy could even be wider now if the state’s attorney general’s office is involved in suppressing and blocking this investigation and involved in the hiding of the murder weapon and other pertinent evidence and information in this case. Just say’n.

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