Murder of Jeffrey Wolfe: Gary Simmons fed his remains to the alligators and imprisoned his girlfriend in a box

Mugshot of Gary Simmons
The state of Mississippi executed Gary Simmons for his horrendous crimes in 2012. Pic credit: Mississippi Dept. of Corrections

In August 1996, Jeffrey Wolfe and his girlfriend Brooke Weber drove from Houston to Jackson County, Mississippi, to collect on a marijuana debt of between $12,000 and $20,000 from Gary Simmons.

When they arrived at Simmons’s house, Simmons and his then brother-in-law Timothy Milano informed Wolfe that they didn’t have his money or the drugs. An argument ensued, which culminated in Milano shooting Wolfe with a .22 caliber rifle.

Simmons then tied up Weber and threw her in a footlocker. He later let her out only to rape the 18-year-old, telling her that her life depended on how well she performed sexually. After the sexual assault, he forced her back into the footlocker.

Simmons ran a grocery butcher store, and he used the knives from his work to dismember Wolfe in a bathtub. He and Milano then disposed of the remains by scattering body parts in the bayou.

The police would later discover the body parts floating in the water, and were able to recover approximately 80% of Wolfe’s remains. Simmons had mistakenly thought that alligators would eat the remains, thereby hiding the murder.

Brooke Weber managed to escape from Gary Simmons

Meanwhile, Weber managed to escape from the footlocker by repeatedly kicking at the lid; she ran to a neighbors house where she raised the alarm.

Milano was arrested almost immediately at his Pascagoula apartment. Simmons fled to his ex-wife’s home in Mobile, Alabama, where he made video confession. He subsequently turned himself in.

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In June 2012, at 49-years-old, Gary Simmons was executed by lethal injection. His final words were, “I’ve been blessed to be loved by some good people, by some amazing people. I thank them for their support. Now, let’s get it on so these people can go home. That’s it.”

Milano was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for his role in the murder.

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James Wray
4 years ago

Crazy how an argument can spiral into murder, assault, and dismemberment!

Steve Hammond
Steve Hammond
2 years ago

Why did the other scumbag get life without parole? They both deserved to get the needle.

Scott Murphy
Scott Murphy
2 years ago

You don’t want to blame the victim but the reality of it is if Jeffrey Wolfe had not been involved in illegal drugs none of this would have happened to him or Brooke Weber and he would most likely still be alive.

3 months ago
Reply to  Scott Murphy

its sad to say but u deal with drugs or guns, it will eventually be death of you.

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