Murder of Jeannie Allen by her sister Georgia Weaver investigated on Twisted Sisters

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Twisted Sisters on ID is looking at the Plummer family from the small town of Poyen, Arkansas, and specifically the actions of one of the siblings, Georgia (married name Weaver), who turned into a murderer.

The Plummers were a large family with ten siblings in total, but it was the actions of sister’s Georgia and Jeannie, which led to multiple poisonings, Jeannie’s death, and Georgia’s imprisonment for her murder.

In the 1950s and 1960s, sisters Georgia, Jeannie, and Elsie were extremely tight-knit; they were sociable young women who partied a lot together. Georgia was the younger sibling, and she alternated between living with Jeannie and her husband, Jimmy Allen, and Elsie and her husband, Raborn Tanner.

Unfortunately, both Tanner and Allen were unhappy with Georgia’s influence on their wives, which created animosity within the family.

Suddenly, in 1969, Elsie’s normally healthy husband, Raborn Tanner, fell mysteriously ill and was taken to hospital. The illness was never satisfactorily diagnosed, and there were suspicions it was poison.

When Tanner was released from the hospital, he learned that the sisters had racked up large debt on his credit cards and had not kept up with the mortgage payments. He grew suspicious of his wife’s motives and filed for divorce.

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Things were quiet for the Plummer family for about 15 years; Georgia finally married Darrell Weaver and seemed to have settled down.

But then the family matriarch Bridie’s health began to deteriorate, meaning she was moved into a nursing home. Jeannie and Georgia were put in charge of handling their mother’s estate, and almost immediately, the sisters came to blows.

Georgia Weaver and Jeannie Allen argued over money

Georgia removed a large portion of her mother’s money from her bank account and insisted it was hers. This caused Jeannie to attain a court order demanding that she return the money, which was meant to pay for Bridie’s care.

However, when Georgia’s marriage fell apart, it seemed that Jeannie was able to let bygones be bygones, and she accepted her younger sister back into her life and her home. This was much to the consternation of husband, Jimmy, and their adult son Buddy.

Jimmy and Buddy continued to argue viciously with Georgia, and the police even got involved on several occasions. However, Jeannie always took her sister’s side and even took out a restraining order on her son Buddy to prevent him from coming to the house.

In the meantime, Jimmy and Jeannie’s health began to deteriorate, which left Georgia increasingly caring for them both. For example, she began preparing all their meals.

In late 1992, Jeannie began to fall very ill with a mysterious illness. She was hospitalized and placed into an induced coma. Tragically, on January 17, 1993, the family decided to switch off her breathing machine.

After Jeannie died, an autopsy was performed, which revealed she’d been subjected to a high dose of arsenic poisoning. The police realized they were dealing with a suicide.

A short time later, Georgia’s sister-in-law, Sheila Synco, tested positive for arsenic poisoning. And this was followed by Buddy’s daughter, who also tested for the poison. Thankfully, both of them recovered.

The police began investigating Jeannie’s death and learned that a container of punch from her refrigerator and a bottle of NyQuil medicine contained high levels of arsenic. It seemed everyone who had visited the house became sick.

The police first looked into Jeannie’s son Buddy because of the restraining order that his mother had taken out on him. However, the investigators discovered that Georgia had actually impersonated Jeannie to attain the order.

Further investigations into Georgia revealed that she had also impersonated Jeannie to empty her sister’s bank accounts and safety deposit box. She had also forged Jeannie’s signature to get power of attorney.

Georgia was arrested a year after Jeannie died and was charged with her murder. In May 1995, the grey-haired 57-year-old grandmother was convicted of capital murder and was sentenced to life in prison.

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Twisted Sisters airs at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery. 

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