Murder of Jeanne Smith by Michael Iseman profiled on Your Worst Nightmare

Mugshot of Michael Alan Iseman
Michael Alan Iseman murdered his wife, Jeanne Smith, before brutally attacking his stepdaughter, Marie Wood. Pic credit: Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Office

Jeanne Smith and Michael Alan Iseman married on October 3, 2013; however, it was to be a short-lived marriage that ended in the violent murder of the bride and a vicious attack on Jeanne’s daughter, Marie Wood.

Your Worst Nightmare on ID is traveling to Roanoke, Virginia, to investigate the case of Michael Iseman, who, in a very short period, unleashed his brutal attack on this close-knit family.

On November 6, 2013, Iseman attacked his new wife with a Phillips screwdriver in an apartment she was sharing with her daughter, Marie. He stabbed her multiple times and choked her before leaving her to die on the bedroom floor.

A few hours later, at approximately 5 am, Marie, who was sleeping on a sofa in the same room as her infant nephew, awoke to discover Iseman lying right beside her.

He asked her, “do you love me?” but before Marie could answer, he began to stab her with the same screwdriver that he’d used to kill Jeanne. Marie called to her mother for help, but Iseman told her, “your mom gone.”

Iseman fled the scene in his own car and with Jeanne’s credit card. Despite being stabbed 22 times, Marie survived the horrific attack and managed to raise the alarm making it downstairs and alerting a neighbor.

Police quickly caught up to Michael Iseman

The next day, the police were able to track Iseman’s movements through his cellphone and his use of Jeanne’s credit cards. He was subsequently arrested in a traffic stop in Henry County. It’s unclear if he was attempting to flee the state. The police discovered evidence of hard drugs use in his car.

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Iseman subsequently pleaded guilty to murdering his wife and attempting to kill his stepdaughter and was sentenced to life plus 20 years. He blamed his actions on mental health problems coupled with drug abuse. In the weeks prior to the attack, he had been binging on crystal meth.

Two weeks before the murder, a court had ordered that Iseman stay away from the apartment due to the presence of Marie’s infant nephew because he had a prior assault conviction. He was allegedly angered when his new wife agreed with the ruling and stated that she wanted to leave him.

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