Murder of Jaysen Greenwood by roommate Dylan Gilbertson investigated on ID

Mugshot of Dylan Gilbertson
Dylan Gilbertson was sentenced to 35 years for killing roommate Jaysen Greenwood. Pic credit: MN Dept. of Corrections

Murder in the Heartland is in Hibbing, Minnesota, to investigate the savage murder of Jaysen Greenwood by his roommate Dylan Bernard Gilbertson in 2016.

Gilbertson attacked Greenwood at their Hibbing apartment and was then aided in the cover-up by two other roommates, Juliana Christine Sala and Sean Joseph Powers.

On May 19, 2016, the charred remains of a human body were discovered in an iron ore mine pit near Mountain Iron, MN. The body had been wrapped in a blanket and set alight; it was badly burned, making identification difficult.

The area and vegetation at the top of the pit were badly charred, and there were tire marks in the grass, which indicated that a vehicle had backed up to the pit entrance.

The next day, a medical examiner ruled that the victim had been stabbed multiple times and savagely beaten with a bat. There was a broken piece of a knife still lodged in the victim’s chest.

A fingerprint analysis revealed that the remains belonged to 20-year-old Jaysen Greenwood. When the police examined his apartment, they soon learned that the killer was likely to be one of his three roommates.

At the apartment, investigators discovered a car with tire tracks that matched those found at the pit. There was also a gas can in the back of the car.

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Despite an obvious effort to clean the scene inside the apartment, the police found numerous bloodstains and bloody items that included a pair of boots belonging to Dylan Gilbertson.

The police interviewed another roommate, 16-year-old Julianna Sala, who confirmed that Gilbertson had been angry with Greenwood over a number of items he believed had been stolen from him. These included a computer tablet and a cellphone.

Roommates aided Gilbertson in murder of Greenwood

The police learned that Gilbertson had threatened Greenwood in the past and had suggested he would like to stab his 20-year-old roommate.

The police would later arrest Sala after they learned that she had aided Gilbertson in the attacker and had traveled with him to the iron pit and helped him dispose of the corpse.

A third roommate, Sean Powers, was also implicated in the murder and was accused of aiding in the cover-up. He had helped Gilbertson clean the flat and had withheld information from the police.

Greenwood’s family were particularly distraught about Powers‘s involvement as he had been a close friend of the victim for many years.

In 2016, Gilbertson pleaded guilty to murder and was sentenced to 35 years in prison. Powers was sentenced to 41 months behind bars. Sala was sent to a juvenile court and was entered into a rehabilitative treatment program at a detention center in Duluth, MN.

Gilbertson offender info
Pic credit: MN Dept. of Corrections

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Lizz Ledbetter
Lizz Ledbetter
2 years ago

how did we get here? as a society?

2 years ago

That P.O.S. would die my hands. If that was my son. I would purposely get put in the same prison. And End Him painfully and slowly.

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