Murder of Janet Kovacich by husband Paul Kovacich examined on Deadly Sins

Mugshot of Paul Kovacich
Paul Kovacich was found guilty of murdering his wife, Janet Kovacich. Pic credit: CA Dept. of Corrections

Deadly Sins: No Forgiveness is investigating the murder of Janet Kovacich, who was killed by her husband in Placer County, California, in 1982.

Paul had been a Placer County Sheriff’s Deputy, and the young couple lived with their two children in Auburn, CA. The investigators would later learn that Janet had been trapped in an abusive and controlling marriage.

The police believe that Paul murdered his wife because she had wanted to leave him. Janet disappeared on September 8, 1982, but unfortunately, it took over 25 years for Paul to be brought to justice.

Janet’s whereabouts remained unknown until 1995 when part of her skull was found in nearby Lake Rollins with an obvious bullet hole. It took ten years to identify the skull, at which point Paul was placed in custody.

The pathologists concluded that the bullet hole in Janet’s head had occurred at the time of death. The bullet came from a handgun that was likely fired from Paul’s service weapon, a Smith and Wesson .357–Magnum revolver.

The cops also learned that Paul had a good knowledge of the area around Lake Rollins. They concluded that he became enraged when Janet attempted to leave the relationship and resorted to murder.

Paul Kovacich found guilty of killing wife Janet Kovacich after 26 years

Paul’s children continue to maintain that their father is innocent and that he was a loving and caring father to the family. However, in April 2009, Judge Mark Curry disagreed with that assessment and sentenced Paul to 27 years to life in prison. A jury had found him guilty four months previously.

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Curry told the court, “The defendant, in my view, had the good fortune of living free for the past 26 years. Now it’s time for justice to be served.”

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