Murder of James Semon by Rufus Medina investigated on Homicide Hunter: Joe Kenda

Mugshot of Rufus Medina
Rufus Medina was convicted of the murder of James Semon. Pic credit: ID

Homicide Hunter: Joe Kenda is investigating the murder of construction worker James “Jim” Semon by his coworker, Rufus Medina, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in 1984.

On May 29, 1984, firefighters were shocked when a woman ran into their station and told them a man was outside who needed urgent help. Outside, the firefighters discovered a severely wounded 42-year-old Jim Semon in his truck.

Unfortunately, Semon succumbed to his injuries, leaving the police with a homicide case. The cops determined that Semon had been killed elsewhere but had been driven to the fire station by the mysterious woman, who had now disappeared.

The police learned through Jim’s roommate that he had a Hispanic friend named Rose Trejo, who matched the description of the woman who had dropped him off at the fire station. They also learned her address.

When the police searched Rose’s house, they discovered a bloody scene in the basement. They found a knife and a bloody shirt belonging to Jim. They could also tell that there had been a wild party at the residence.

The police learned that Semon had attended the party with his three coworkers, Armando Alvarez, Keno Garcia, and Rufus Medina. Unfortunately, the cops were hit by a wall of silence as everyone who had been at the party claimed they hadn’t seen what happened to Semon.

Alvarez and Garcia became suspects after Semon’s boss stated that there had been an argument over paychecks. Both men had criminal records and were considered to have short tempers. Initially, Medina was not a suspect.

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An anonymous caller gave the cops their breakthrough

However, the cops got their breakthrough when an anonymous caller said they’d seen a bloodied Semon at the party emerge from the basement shouting, “Rufus, you son of a b***h.”

The detectives then leaned on Garcia and Alvarez, who eventually admitted that they’d seen Medina stab Semon in a fit of rage after an argument about their paychecks.

Medina was arrested and charged with first-degree murder. After pleading guilty and showing remorse, his charge was reduced to second-degree murder, and he was sentenced to 16 years in jail.

Homicide Hunter: Joe Kenda

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Homicide Hunter: Joe Kenda airs at 11/10c on Investigation Discovery.

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