Murder of Jack Grigsby by Cathie Grigsby and Daniel Harrison highlighted on Snapped

Police tape

Snapped on Oxygen is taking another look at the murder of Jack Grigsby, who was shot dead at his home in Sargent, Texas, by gunman Daniel Harrison, who was working at the behest of Jack’s wife, Mary Katherine “Cathie” Grigsby.

Jack and Cathie Grigsby had been married since 1996, but their marriage was suffering from problems. The pair began divorce proceedings in 2003 but later got back together, only to restart the divorce in 2009.

Daniel Harrison would later claim that Grigsby had asked way back in 2003 if he knew anyone who would kill her husband. At the time, he refused to have anything to do with the Grigsbys.

However, in 2009, Harrison agreed to kill Jack in exchange for $10,000, which he would receive after Grigsby claimed $200,000 from Jack’s life insurance policy.

In May, Harrison and Grigsby met at a hotel in Dallas where Grigsby was staying so they could plan Jack’s murder. Grigsby would provide the gunman with a duplicate key to Jack’s apartment and also lent him her nine-millimeter Ruger semi-automatic pistol.

On May 17, Harrison drove his Ford Taurus from Dallas to Jack’s home in Sargent. After discovering his target wasn’t home, he killed time by chatting with local fishermen, and he purchased some items in a nearby convenience store using a credit card.

Daniel Harrison shot Jack Grigsby in the head in his Sargent, TX, home

When Jack returned home, Harrison tricked him into letting him inside. The killer hit Jack in the head with the pistol and then shot the 72-year-old in the head, killing him instantly.

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The murder was reported by Grigsby, who said she’d gone to Jack’s home to pick up a dog. The cops noted that she kept shouting and “hollering” about how Jack had shot himself, but she didn’t actually seem very upset. The officers said there were no tears in her eyes.

Local witnesses told the cops about the stranger’s Ford Taurus that had been seen in the area and learned about the stranger’s visit to the convenience store. They were able to trace the card payment back to Harrison.

Harrison confessed to the police in an interview and eventually agreed to testify against Grigsby.

The cops found two receipts in Grigsby’s possession for the gun used in the murder and the key to Jack’s apartment. The investigators also uncovered phone records showing the pair had been talking to each other at the time of the murder.

Cathie Grigsby and Daniel Harrison convicted of killing Jack Grigsby

Cathie Grigsby was convicted of capital murder and was sentenced to life without parole. Daniel Harrison was given a plea agreement and sentenced to 40 years.

After Harrison was sentenced, Pat Grigsby, a former wife of Jack, told the killer, “You are the lowest of low and I’m glad you both will spend the rest of your lives in prison where you belong.”

Snapped airs Monday at 7/6c on Oxygen.

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