Murder of grandmother Linda Sweezer by Lance Rougeau investigated on See No Evil

Mugshot of Lance Rougeau
Lance Rougeau was sentenced to 45 years for the murder of Linda Sweezer. Pic credit: Pierce County Sheriff’s Office

See No Evil is in Pierce County, Washington, to investigate the murder of Linda Sweezer by Lance Rougeau in a home invasion that went horribly wrong.

When Rougeau broke into the Kent, Washington state, home of 64-year-old grandmother Linda Sweezer looking for an easy score of money, he found he had a fight on his hands.

Sweezer fought to protect her home and her granddaughter, who was sleeping upstairs, but tragically and senselessly, Rougeau stabbed and strangled her to death.

Rougeau bundled her remains into the trunk of her own car, which he then flung out on the roadside near Bonney Lake. He tried to set fire to Sweezer’s body before fleeing the scene.

In the early hours of October 24, 2017, police officers in Auburn, WA., were called to investigate a strange object dumped by the side of the road. On closer inspection, they learned it was the remains of an unidentified female.

Finding Sweezer’s car helped identify the body

The cops got a breakthrough when they found an abandoned car in a nearby neighborhood, which appeared to have a large amount of blood in the trunk. The car was registered to Linda Sweezer, who the police determined was the victim.

When the cops visited her home in Kent, they were shocked to discover Sweezer’s 4-month-old baby granddaughter in an upstairs bedroom. Thankfully, she had been unharmed. Sweezer had been in the process of adopting the child.

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At the house, the cops also found evidence of a struggle between Sweezer and her attacker. A small amount of blood splatter in the kitchen was more than enough to perform DNA testing. The tests returned a match to Lance Rougeau.

A home surveillance video also helped to finger Rougeau in the horrific crime.

In March 2011, Rougeau was convicted of first-degree burglary, residential burglary, and motor vehicle theft, and several months later, he was sentenced to 45 years behind bars.

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See No Evil airs at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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