Murder of Graham Boyne by estranged wife Maria Boyne examined on Deadly Women

Mugshot of Maria Boyne
Maria Boyne was sentenced to 24 years for murdering husband, Graham Boyne. Pic credit: London Metropolitan Police

Deadly Women is flying to London, England, to investigate the violent death of Graham Boyne, who died at the hands of his devious and cheating wife, Maria Boyne.

After 8 years of marriage, the relationship between Graham and Maria Boyne had finally reached a breaking point, and divorce was imminent. The pair had two young children together, and 41-year-old Graham was still very much in love with Maria, but he was fed up with her constant cheating.

The 30-year-old Maria was now pregnant by her lover, Gary McGinley, and it appeared that her marriage was soon coming to an end.

It seemed as though Maria would have to move out of their home in Southeast London. Unfortunately, the 30-year-old Maria decided she wasn’t going to give up the house easily, and she was prepared to resort to murder.

On April 24, 2008, she lured Graham into bed with the promise of sex; however, once her husband’s guard was down, she stabbed him a shocking 31 times.

Maria Boyne fled to hotel with her lover after murder

After she had murdered her husband, the cold-hearted Boyne removed a bloody gold chain from her husband’s neck, which she immediately pawned for £220 ($310). She then used the money to spend the night in a hotel with her lover, McGinley.

Graham’s bloodied body was discovered the following morning by his father. The police immediately initiated a search for Boyne after neighbors reported seeing her leave the house at about 6:30 am.

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Boyne handed herself into the police sometime later, but she tried to use her hotel stay as an alibi. When the police refused to believe she’d been at the hotel at the time of the murder, she changed her story and tried to frame McGinley.

The police subsequently learned that Boyne had spent weeks before the murder telling numerous acquaintances that she wanted her husband dead so that she and McGinley could live in his house.

The cops eventually charged her with murder, and she was sentenced to spend a minimum of 24 years in prison.

Unfortunately, there was more tragedy for the Boyne family; Graham’s father, Michael Boyne, admitted that the discovery of his son’s body, understandably, had a severe impact on his mental and physical health. Shortly after giving testimony at Maria’s trial, Michael collapsed and died.

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Deadly Women airs at 8/7c on Investigation Discovery.

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