Murder of Gil Dossett by Brenda Dossett and Mason Hughes investigated on American Monster

Mugshots of Brenda Dossett and Mason Hughes
Brenda Dossett and Mason Hughes both pleaded guilty to killing Gil Dossett. Pic credit: Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office

American Monster is investigating the callous murder of Gilbert “Gil” Dossett, who was gunned down as he slept in his home by Mason Hughes in Evansville, Indiana. Hughes acted at the behest of the victim’s estranged wife, Brenda Dossett.

On May 22, 2014, 68-year-old Gil Dossett was shot dead with his own shotgun as he slept in his bed. His remains were later discovered by his daughter.

The cops subsequently learned that Gil’s estranged wife, Brenda Dossett, had recruited her daughter’s boyfriend, Hughes, to pull the trigger on her husband. Dossett’s motive was greed, she was the sole beneficiary of a $42,000 life insurance policy on Gil, and she wanted to pocket that cash.

Hughes had been living with Brenda and her daughter for only one month, but she promised to buy him a car worth $10,000 if he agreed to pull the trigger.

A week before the murder, Hughes and Brenda drove to Gil’s house, where Brenda used her key to enter the home and steal Gil’s shotgun from the closet. A week later, the murderous duo returned, and Hughes blasted poor Gil as he slept.

Hughes and Brenda then ransacked the house in a pathetic attempt to make the crime look like a burglary.

Police interviews indicated Brenda Dossett and Mason Hughes were the killers

After the murder, interviews with family members led detectives to suspect that Brenda and Hughes might have something to do with the murder.

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After Hughes was arrested, he admitted to the cops that he had shot Dossett; however, he later refused to plead guilty. Eventually, Brenda Dossett admitted to her role in the killing and agreed to testify against Hughes.

Brenda Dossett pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 60 years in prison. Ultimately, Hughes also switched his plea to guilty, and he was also given sixty years behind bars.

At the sentencing for Brenda, Gil Dossett’s daughter, Erica Kinsler, told the killer: “You are the sickest, most evil woman I have ever met. I can still smell the blood and the death of walking into my dad’s home to find his body.”

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