Murder of Gary Kenney by Darryl Kenney and Sharon Myers examined on Where Murder Lies

Mugshots of Sharon Myers and Darryl Kenney
Sharon Myers and Darryl Kenney were convicted of the murder of Gary Kenney. Pic credit: FL. Dept. of Corrections

Where Murder Lies examines the murder of Gary Kenney, who was callously shot dead by his son, Darryl Kenney, at the behest of his mother, Gary’s wife, Sharon Myers, in Merritt Island, Florida. The pair were aided by Darryl’s friend, Rubin Nero.

Before the murder, Darryl Kenney was already serving time in prison when Sharon began sending him letters claiming that Gary was abusing her. The investigators would later discover that she had written 100s of letters stating that she wanted her husband to die.

Darryl agreed to kill his 50-year-old father once he was released from jail, and he enlisted his prison buddy, Rubin Nero, to help him with the plan.

On June 16, 2008, the murderous trio put their plan into action. Sharon first drove Darryl to collect Nero from his home, and the three then stole firearms from Darryl’s grandfather.

Sharon informed her daughter Amanda that they would be killing Gary and advised her to leave the home. Amanda encountered her father after she left the house, but she failed to warn him about the murder. Amanda’s testimony would later prove vital in the case against Sharon and Darryl.

Darryl Kenney and Rubin Nero shot dead Gary Kenney

Sharon and her daughter waited at a shopping mall for Darryl and Nero to commit the crime. After the shooting, the killers joined the others at the mall. When Darryl told Sharon that he’d left the corpse at the house, she told him to go back to move it.

However, in the meantime, Darryl’s grandfather reported the guns stolen and told the cops that the firearms belonged to his son Gary. The cops went to speak to Gary and found his remains.

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There was a lot of evidence pointed at the three killers, and Sharon did herself no favors when she almost immediately telephoned Gary’s employer to inquire about claiming life insurance.

Darryl Kenney and Rubin Nero were given life sentences for murder, and Sharon Myers received a ten-year prison sentence for her role in the murder.

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Where Murder Lies airs Mondays at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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Isabel Hanczaryk
Isabel Hanczaryk
2 years ago

My aunt sharon was also telling him his little sister was being Abused. She ruined my cousin 🙁 poor Daryl, f****d up forever, he was a good guy before this. I hate my aunt for this

tessa lobos
tessa lobos
2 years ago

Gary was not nice a whole lot of the time to Daryl. Then she married her grief counselor wtf.

1 year ago

My wife and I know them when they lived in Delaware and wanted to catch up with them. We are sorry to hear what happened.

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