Murder of former NBA star Lorenzon Wright by his own wife: Watch on People Magazine Investigates

Lorenzon Wright hold a basketball
Lorenzon Wright had played for 13 seasons in the NBA. Pic credit: Good Morning America /YouTube

Lorenzon Wright, a former basketballing star with 13 seasons in the NBA, was well-liked and well respected within the Memphis community, which the discovery of his body in a field in the city’s suburbs all the more shocking.

Lorenzon allegedly left his home in Memphis on July 18th, 2010; the father of six was not seen alive again. After his family reported him missing, it was 10 days before his body was found riddled with bullets.

The high profile crime remained unsolved for 7 years until ex-wife Sheera Wright finally admitted she was guilty of murder. The man she had recruited to do the actual shooting, Billy Turner, also confessed to his role in the death in 2017.

Turner, a landscaper in Memphis, was Deacon at the local church Sheera attended. The pair conspired to murder Lorenzon and dump one of the guys in a Mississippi lake. On finding that weapon in 2017, police were allegedly able to bring charges against Sheera and Turner.

While Turner may seem an odd choice for a murderer, there are allegations that he was having a sexual relationship with Sheera.

Police say the pair conspired with a third man, Jimmie Martin, in the killing. Martin, who is currently serving a sentence for another murder, led investigators to the gun’s whereabouts.

A 911 call made from Lorenzon’s cellphone in which 11 gunshots were heard, was amazingly not reported to police for 8 days, which hindered the investigation. Lorenzon’s family received a payout because of this blunder.

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Sheera’s defense lawyers have argued that Lorenzon was abusive towards his wife. They said that Sheera’s face was disfigured and that “she feared that Mr. Wright would never leave her alone.”

Sheera Wright pleaded guilty to facilitation of first-degree murder and was sentenced in July 2019 to 30 years in prison; she will be eligible for parole after 9 years. Billy Turner is still awaiting trial; he is being charged with first-degree murder.

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