Murder of Felix Faulk Jr. by Otis Jenkins featured on Murder Chose Me

Felix Faulk Jr. photo
Felix Faulk Jr. was murdered by Otis Jenkins. Pic credit: Family

The murder of a 911 Dispatcher, Felix Faulk Jr., by Otis Jenkins is featured in the latest episode of Murder Chose Me on Investigation Discovery.

At around 12:15 am on January 31, 2002, police officers with the Shreveport Police Department found Faulk, 34, dead inside his vehicle, which had veered off the road and struck a tree in the 1900 block of Murphy Street near Elder Street in Shreveport, Louisiana. However, he wasn’t killed in the accident; he died from a gunshot wound to the torso.

Police were unable to find Faulk’s cell phone, so they searched his phone records. That’s when they uncovered that several calls were made after the crash occurred.

An investigation revealed that Faulk was driving his vehicle at the time he was shot. Jenkins, who was 18 at the time, became a suspect in Faulk’s murder after he was arrested on unrelated charges of trespassing and having a warrant. He was charged with second-degree murder.

While in police custody, Jenkins admitted to being in the vehicle with Faulk, along with three other men. When a man named Big Alex pulled out a gun and robbed Faulk of his cash and cell phone, he got out of the car.

He went on to say that when Faulk sped off, trying to get away, he shot at the vehicle with a .9-mm pistol, striking him.

When homicide investigators searched Jenkins’ home, they found 9-millimeter magazines, an assault rifle, and a .38 revolver, but the murder weapon was nowhere to be found.

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Jenkins was convicted of murdering Faulk, and he was sentenced to life in prison. He appealed his conviction, claiming there wasn’t enough evidence to convict him, but his appeal was rejected.

Murder Chose Me — The Passenger, airs at 11 pm on Investigation Discovery.

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