Murder of Emmett Corrigan by Robert Hall highlighted on Til Death Do Us Part

Emmett Corrigan and Robert Hall photo
Robert Hall murdered Emmett Corrigan at a Walgreens parking lot in Meridian, Idaho. Pic credit: Idaho Department of Corrections / Family

Til Death Do Us Part on Investigation Discovery features the case of Emmett Corrigan, who was murdered by his lover’s husband, Robert Hall.

On March 11, 2011, Emmett — a 30-year-old attorney — told his wife, Ashlee, who was pregnant with their fifth child, that he was going to the store to purchase medicine because he wasn’t feeling well. What she didn’t know was that he was having an affair with a paralegal named Kandi Hall, who he hired to work for him at his law firm.

Emmett met up with Kandi, who was married to Robert, at a Walgreens in Meridian, Idaho. Kandi got in his pickup truck, and they went to Fred Meyer to get gas before driving to a nearby subdivision, where they had sexual intercourse inside the truck.

Coincidentally, Kandi’s daughter drove by the Walgreens parking lot and spotted her mother’s car. She thought it was odd and contacted her father, who called Kandi.

Robert had already known about the affair because Kandi had confessed. So, he asked her if she was with Emmett. Before she could answer, Emmett grabbed the phone and started threatening Robert.

That’s when Robert, who was armed with a gun in his holster, drove to Walgreens. A surveillance camera captured Robert arriving at the store and parking his vehicle next to Kandi’s.

Emmett and Kandi arrived at around 10:20pm, but what happens in the next 17 minutes remains a mystery as they were out of the view of the store’s surveillance camera. At that point, the only thing authorities knew was that Emmett was dead and Robert was in the hospital receiving treatment for a gunshot wound to the head. Their only witness was Kandi, but she claimed to have not seen what happened.

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Kandi told police that there was a confrontation between Emmett and Robert, and she told them to “knock it off,” and saying “this is ridiculous” before turning her back, which is when she heard three pops.

When she turned around, she said she saw Emmett bleeding on the ground and Robert with a head wound, and he was trying to get the gun, but she grabbed it and threw it.

She called 911 for help, but by the time emergency medical services arrived at the scene, Emmett had already died in her arms.

Meanwhile, Emmett’s wife was at home with their children. She received a knock on the door, and when she opened it, there were three strangers standing in front of her, informing her that her husband had been killed and that he was having an affair.

An investigation revealed that Robert shot Emmett twice — once in the head and once in the chest — which he said was in self-defense. It is unclear if Robert purposely shot himself after shooting Emmet, or if it was accidental.

Following a 10-day trial in 2012, Robert was found guilty of second-degree murder and was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

He tried to get his conviction overturned by requesting a new trial, but it was denied.

Til Death Do Us Part — Three Pops And A Pause, airs at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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2 years ago

I watched the story of Robert Hall and the killing of Emmett Corrigan. I can’t imagine how Rob felt when he found out about his wife’s blatant cheating. Yes, he went overboard shooting Emmett. It may sound strange – but I feel so much compassion for Robert. And all of this from two people having an affair and not just divorcing their spouses. Of course Rob’s wife ran away after the trial leaving her daughters to deal with everything she did. My heart goes out to Rob, his daughters and all the children (5) of Emmett. What an awful mess. I hope that Rob gets an early release from prison and can go on to find a woman who will truly love him and bring him joy in his final years on earth.

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