Murder of Dr Teresa Sievers orchestrated by husband Mark Sievers: 48 Hours on ID examines case

Mugshot of Mark Sievers
Mark Sievers was found guilty of orchestrating the murder of his wife, Dr. Teresa Sievers. Pic credit: Lee County Sheriff’s Office

This week on 48 Hours on ID, the team travels to Bonita Springs in Florida to investigate the callous and brutal murder of a successful and well-known holistic medicine physician, Dr. Teresa Sievers.

It would later transpire that her husband, Mark Sievers, ruthlessly orchestrated her murder.

Teresa’s body was found on the kitchen floor of her home in Bonita Springs, on June 29, 2015. The 46-year-old doctor had been savagely beaten, and her skull had been crushed.

A hammer was discovered at the scene and was assumed to be the murder weapon; Teresa had suffered seventeen impact wounds to her skull.

The police were at a loss as to who would want this popular, loving, wife, and mother dead. A robbery was immediately ruled out as a motive due to the large amount of cash that remained untouched in the home.

Her husband, Mark, had the perfect alibi; he was thousands of miles away in New York with their two children.

Jimmy Rodgers and Curtis Wayne murdered Teresa Sievers

The police were eventually pointed in the direction of two residents of Missouri, Jimmy Rodgers, and Curtis Wayne Wright. Investigators learned from a GPS device in a rental car that Rodgers and Wright had driven from Missouri to Teresa’s home at the time she was killed.

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Using data from the GPS in conjunction with surveillance footage from a gas station and a grocery store, the police were able to document the movements of the two killers as they planned the murder.

The police then discovered that Wright and Mark Sievers were old childhood friends, who remained in regular contact with each other. What’s more, Wright later claimed that Mark had planned the murder.

Wright agreed to plead guilty and to testify against his childhood friend in exchange for a reduced sentence of 25 years.

Wright explained that while Sievers had attended his wedding in Missouri in 2015, his friend had told him of his fears that Teresa was going to leave him and take custody of his daughters.

Sievers told Wright that he couldn’t afford an expensive custody battle, so he had no choice but to murder his wife. Wright agreed to kill Teresa on his behalf and later enlisted career criminal Rodgers to help out.

In 2019, Mark Sievers was found guilty of plotting to murder his wife and was sentenced to death. He continues to maintain his innocence. That same year, Rodgers was found guilty on charges of first-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison.

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48 Hours on ID airs at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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Nanette Valencia
Nanette Valencia
3 years ago

I don’t see what she saw in him in the first place. She was out of his league

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