Betrayed examine the murder of Donna Bocklet: Killed by, Anthony Libardi, a neighbor she’d known most of her life

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Donna Bocklet was a mother of two from Long Island, NY. when her body was found in her car in the parking lot of a nearby supermarket. The 41-year-old had been strangled by her longtime neighbor Anthony Libardi.

Bocklet had been last seen on January 22, when she dropped her two small kids off at school. Later in the day, her children returned home to an empty house and raised the alarm. Her husband, Richard, called police to report her missing.

Police launched a search for the missing woman with the help of the Bocklet and Libardi families. Her killer Anthony Libardi was one of her searchers. However, on the prompt discovery of her corpse in the parking lot, the case turned into a homicide.

At first, police were baffled by the case. They suspected robbery might have been a motive. They also believed she’d been murdered somewhere else and then brought to the parking lot.

Friends and family were completely baffled as to why Bocklet was murdered. However, longtime friend Donna Cowan showed some prescient thinking when she said, “I can’t believe someone would kill her for jewelry.”

Donna Bocklet had babysat for her killer’s children

Because as it happened, Bocklet knew her murderer very well. She had been a babysitter for the Libardi family when she was a teenager, so when Anthony Libardi knocked on her door, she let the familiar neighbor into her home.

It transpired that 56-year-old Libardi had developed a sexual interest in his 41-year-old neighbor, and had decided to act upon his desires.

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Bocklet fought back when Libardi forced himself upon her, so he choked her to death. He then put her body in her car and drove it to the supermarket parking lot.

Libardi fled the state when he realized police suspected him. Fortunately, he was quickly tracked down to a hotel in Las Vegas, where he was arrested before being extradited back to New York. He was later found guilty of second-degree murder.

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