Murder of Don Hurt by Sharon Hurt investigated on Snapped

Mugshot of Sharon Hurt
Sharon Hurt is spending the rest of her life behind bars for killing her husband, Don Hurt. Pic credit: TN Dept. of Corrections

Snapped is examining the murder of Don Hurt, who was killed in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, by his wife, Sharon Hurt, with the help of her sister Marcie Murray and brother-in-law James Murray.

In 1991, gospel singer Sharon Hurt had become “fed up” with her husband, 52-year-old truck driver Don, and decided she wanted him killed.

Sharon enlisted the assistance of Marcie and James Murray to do the killing. The Murrays were allegedly annoyed with Don because they claimed he never paid them back a loan.

In June 1991, Don was left partially paralyzed after he was shot, supposedly by an unknown sniper, while driving his truck in Benton County. The cops would later conclude this was the first murder attempt, and they believe James Murray fired the shot.

Over the next six months, Sharon allegedly told friends she was “tired of looking after” Don and that she was finished with him.

On December 19, 1991, the killers decided to have another go. James borrowed a .38 caliber firearm from Sharon’s lover, Leonard Rowe. Rowe would later testify against Sharon and the Murray couple.

Sharon Hurt and Marcie and James Murray shot Don Hurt in his car

The next day, the police found Don slumped in the passenger seat of his car about 2 miles from his home.

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He had been shot twice in the head at close range with a .38 caliber firearm. The cops concluded he had been shot by someone sitting in the driver’s seat.

Mugshots of James and Marcie Murray
James and Marcie Murray were given life sentences. Pic credit: TN Dept. of Corrections

An autopsy revealed Don had been drugged with Elavil and diphenhydramine, commonly known as Benadryl.

A witness had spotted Don’s car and another vehicle that matched the description of Sharon’s Cadillac parked beside each other near where the body was found.

Evidence against James and Marcie Murray and Sharon Hurt mounted up in Don Hurt murder case

The cops soon zeroed in on Sharon, Leonard Rowe, and Marcie, and James Murray. The police learned that Don had a life insurance policy worth $280,000, which was in Sharon’s name. They suspect she hoped to share the cash with the Murray couple.

The prosecution relied heavily on the testimony of Rowe, who pleaded guilty to his involvement and disclosed details of the murder.

Other witnesses included Wanda Hudgins and Linda Sue Gurley, two friends of Sharon, who testified that she had openly discussed wanting to get rid of her husband.

Sharon and the Murray couple were convicted of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. All three were ordered to spend the rest of their life behind bars.

Snapped airs at 6/5c on Oxygen.

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4 months ago

I was in prison with these lovely young women.

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