Murder of Dioneth Lopez by Alejandro Aguilera Rojas investigated on See No Evil

Dioneth Lopez selfie
Dioneth Lopez was cruelly murdered by Alejandro Aguilera Rojas. Pic credit: Family pic

See No Evil is examining the murder of Dioneth Lopez, who was brutally beaten to death by her married boyfriend, Alejandro Aguilera Rojas, who dumped her remains in the Olympic National Forest in Washington.

The police believe that 21-year-old Dioneth, a resident of San Pablo, California, was having a sexual affair with Aguilera Rojas. On February 10, 2020, she traveled to the Seattle-Tacoma area to spend time with him. Aguilera Rojas lived in the area with his wife, and she was unaware he was cheating on her.

The remains of Dioneth were discovered by a passer-by on Valentine’s Day, February 14, just off a logging road in the Olympic Forest. She had already been reported missing by a friend who hadn’t heard from her after February 10.

Dioneth was beaten and stabbed to death. She had suffered severe head trauma and multiple lacerations. The victim’s throat had been slit, and she had defensive wounds along her arms.

There was a broken tequila bottle, a box cutter, and a knife lying near her body, which were probably the murder weapons. There was no identification on Dioneth’s remains, which led to a delay in the authorities identifying her.

U.S. Attorney Nick Brown called the attack “cruel and coldhearted” and said a family had been robbed “of a young and vibrant daughter, sister and niece.”

Evidence against Alejandro Aguilera Rojas mounted up in Dioneth Lopez murder case

The cops learned that Aguilera Rojas had been in the area with a woman on February 10. His image was captured on a surveillance camera from a convenience store in nearby Sequim, WA.

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The investigators were then able to check cellphone data, which indicated that both Dioneth and Aguilera Rojas’s phones had been in the area where the body was found on February 10 and 11. Both phones had then traveled together to the killer’s home.

On February 19, Aguilera Rojas was interviewed by the cops. He implicated himself by making contradicting statements about his relationship with Dioneth and what had happened on the day she died. The killer was taken into custody a short time later.

Aguilera Rojas finally admitted his guilt in December 2021. He pleaded guilty to second-degree murder.

Alejandro Aguilera Rojas sentenced for killing Dioneth Lopez

In May 2022, Alejandro Aguilera Rojas was officially sentenced to 200 months in prison, just short of 17 years. He is currently housed at the FCI La Tuna Federal prison in Anthony, Texas. He is scheduled for release in July 2034.

At the sentencing, U.S. District Judge Benjamin H. Settle told the killer, “If you take a life in the manner you took here, there will be significant consequences.”

See No Evil airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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