Murder of David Dulin by Timothy Seaman and John Mills examined on The Fog of Murder

Mugshot of Timothy Seaman
Timothy Seaman eventually pleaded guilty to murdering David Dulin. Pic credit: MO Dept. of Corrections

The Fog of Murder is in Hurley, Missouri tonight to investigate the 2006 murder of David Dulin, who was shot dead in his home by Timothy Seaman and John C. Mills.

Seaman and Mills murdered 53-year-old Dulin so they could rob him to buy meth and get high, and it took six years to bring the pair to justice.

The case is notable because of a grave miscarriage of justice; Seaman’s 18-year-old brother-in-law, Zackary Lee Stewart, was initially charged and convicted for the murder. His conviction was primarily based on the testimony of two jailhouse inmates who said that Stewart had confessed.

Stewart was sentenced to life in prison without parole but was released by the Missouri Supreme Court after three years and eight months. The conviction was first put in doubt when DNA found on a bloody hat left at the murder scene did not match his. But what ultimately got him released was Mills deciding to confess to the crime.

John Mills told cops that he and Timothy Seaman had killed David Dulin

Mills told the cops that he and Seaman were partying late with some friends on November 9, 2006, when they decided to kill and rob someone so they could purchase some meth and get high. The pair drove to Mills’s father’s home, where they stole a firearm before traveling to Dulin’s home.

Mills claimed that Dulin had invited them both in, and the trio spent time chatting in the living room when Seamon suddenly shot Dulin in the head. Despite his injury, the victim fought back, leading to an altercation between the three men that ended with Mills shooting Dulin four times.

Seaman and Mills then fled the scene. At this point, Dulin was still alive and even managed to dial 911 and give a description of his attackers. Tragically, he died a short time later.

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John Mills gave up this confession because the investigators agreed to give him immunity against prosecution in return for a detailed description of what happened. However, the killer was still sentenced to twelve years in prison for various unrelated weapons charges and for a domestic abuse charge.

Timothy Seaman, who had remained silent when his brother-in-law was sent to jail, was left to answer for Dulin’s death. He pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of second-degree murder and was sentenced to 21and a half years in prison.

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The Fog of Murder airs at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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