Murder of Danielle Marshall by Joshua Maurice Gibson featured on Truth About Murder with Sunny Hostin

Danielle Marshall and Joshua Maurice Gibson photo
Danielle Marshall was murdered by Joshua Maurice Gibson at her home in Powder Springs, Georgia. Pic credit: Powder Springs Police Department

The murder of Danielle Marshall by Joshua Maurice Gibson is featured on Truth About Murder with Sunny Hostin on Investigation Discovery.

On the night of January 13, 2013, officers arrived at Marshall’s home in Powder Springs, Georgia, and found her dead in a fetal position on the kitchen floor, lying in a pool of her own blood.

The 23-year-old had been beaten with a gun and shot in the head.

Her nine-month-old daughter was at the home around the time of the murder and was found crawling around, crying, but unharmed.

Officials initially suspected Gibson, who is the father of Marshall’s daughter, of killing Marshall as he was at the scene when they arrived.

He told officers that he went to Marshall’s house when she wouldn’t respond to his calls or text messages. When she didn’t answer the door, he called 911.

There wasn’t enough evidence to arrest Gibson at the time, but in September 2015, he was taken into custody when phone records linked him to the crime.

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Gibson — who was 27 at the time of his arrest — faced a slew of criminal charges, including malice murder, felony murder, aggravated assault, and false report of a crime and false statements.

Investigators believe the murder was premeditated, but they have yet to uncover why Gibson wanted to kill Marshal.

In 2018, five years after Marshall was found dead in her home, the case went to trial. After two weeks, a jury deliberated for 45 minutes before returning with a guilty verdict.

Gibson and Marshall began dating after meeting at a Goodwill where they worked. The prosecutor in the case painted a picture of spiralling domestic violence since their relationship began.

Gibson was sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole.

Truth About Murder with Sunny Hostin — Always Be Mine, airs at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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