Murder of D’Angelo White by Mykel Blair in botched robbery examined on The Murder Tapes

Mugshot of Mykel Blair
Mykel Blair was jailed for 45 years for the murder of D’Angelo White. Pic credit: Evansville Police Dept.

The Murder Tapes is in Evansville, Indiana, to investigate the murder of D’Angelo White, who was gunned down as he tried to escape a robbery on New Year’s Day 2018.

A total of five people were arrested because of their involvement in this crime. The police identified teenager Mykel Blair as the trigger man, but Charissa Robinson, Derrick Butts, Noah Coleman, and Kyley Vincent all played a part in plotting to rob White, which led to his murder.

The police believe that Charissa Robinson lured White to an address by claiming that she wanted to buy drugs, but it was just a cunning ruse to rob him of his stash.

Robinson messaged White to say she wanted to purchase some marijuana and when he arrived in his car, she examined to bags of weed before agreeing to pay $25. At this point,  Blair, Coleman, and Butts approached the car to perform a robbery.

Blair fired shots into the car, but White actually managed to drive away. But he had taken shots to the chest, and after driving a short distance, he crashed into the porch of a house.

Neighbors took White out of his car and cared for him as they waited for the first responders to arrive. White drifted in and out of consciousness, but he later died from his wounds.

Mykel Blair killed D’Angelo White for about $500

The cops recovered 68 grams of marijuana from his car, which was estimated to be worth about $500.

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The police conducted extensive interviews with Robinson and eventually found her to be the weak link in the plot. She confessed to the robbery and identified the men involved. The investigators also learned that the murder weapon was a pistol that Robinson had stolen from her grandfather.

In 2019, Mykel Blair pleaded guilty to firing the shots that killed White. His young age and lack of previous convictions were taken into account before the judge handed him a 45-year jail sentence.

Robinson faced 30 years in prison for her role in the crime.

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All of them need to stay and die behind bars. There shouldn’t be any parole for none of them

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