Murder of Corey Parker: Stabbed 101 times by Robert Denney investigated on A Time To Kill

Mugshot of Robert Denney
Robert Denny is serving life for the murder of Corey Parker. Pic credit: Florida Dept. of Corrections

A Time To Kill is in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, to investigate the 1998 murder of college student Corey Parker who was stabbed multiple times in her apartment.

The case lay unsolved for many years until a chance break led the cops to arrest and charge Corey’s neighbor, Robert Denny. Denny was only 17 years old when he committed this horrific crime.

On November 26, 1998, the day after Thanksgiving, Corey failed to turn up for her shift at the tavern where she worked. When a colleague went to her apartment to check on her, he saw a bloody foot through the window and called the cops.

Corey had been stabbed multiple times, with some reports suggesting she had a shocking 101 stabs wounds on her body.

A medical examiner stated that Corey had continued to fight her attacker as she was being stabbed. They say she had a defensive wound on her hand that indicated she had grabbed ahold of the blade.

Unfortunately, Corey had died from a stab wound that severed two major arteries in her neck. The killer continued to stab her in the face and stomach long after she had already passed away.

Despite the killer placing her body in a sexually suggestive way, there was no evidence of rape or sexual assault.

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Robert Denney was Corey Parker’s neighbor

At the time of the murder, Denney was interviewed by investigators who wanted to know if he had seen or heard anything, but he wasn’t a suspect until two years after the murder.

The police were first alerted to Denney when a colleague of his contacted them to say he had called her late one night and had made references to a waitress he lived near to that he wanted to date. The coworker believed he was talking about Corey.

Denney was eventually put behind bars thanks to DNA evidence. During an initial interview, the cops had tried to get a DNA sample from him on three occasions, but he was careful not to be tricked by the canny officers.

He had refused to drink from a plastic water bottle, had pocketed a cigarette butt he smoked with an officer, and he refused to lick an envelope.

His employer would later tell the police that he would bring his cigarette butts home with him after work rather than put them in the garbage can. His employer had thought him to be very paranoid.

Eventually, the cops got a sample of his DNA when he spat on the ground outside his employers. It was a match. The cops also learned that a hair follicle discovered at the crime scene belonged to Denney. In November 2000, he was arrested and charged with murder.

Robert Denney was convicted of murdering Corey Parker and was sentenced to life in prison.

Denney continues to maintain his innocence and has lodged numerous appeals, all of which have failed. In 2018, his attorneys asked for a new trial based on their belief that the State’s DNA expert might have lied when they took the stand in the original trial.

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A Time To Kill airs at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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1 year ago

Corey Parker Case (seen on FF many times) and just gut wrenching crime. But the ignorant investigation that allowed this to be a CC is beyond belief. Kid who lived right behind her and his brother committed a crime almost exact same.Yet took yrs later too look into him after friend called about him. They waste months goin after her girl friend? Always about the victim but FF sure downplayed terrible detective work.

9 months ago
Reply to  John

All people must be either ruled in or ruled out. Denny did not even show up on the radar screen initially. It is really just that simple.

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