Murder of Chris Reagan: Did Kelly Cochran serve his remains at a barbecue? Dead North on ID investigates

Mugshot of Kelly Cochran
Kelly Cochran was sentenced for killing husband Jason Cochran and lover Chris Reagan. Pic credit: Michigan Department of Corrections

Chris Reagan disappeared in northern Michigan in 2014. His whereabouts remained a mystery until 2016 when it was discovered he was the victim of Kelly and Jason Cochran, a violent and murderous couple.

The Cochrans had made a pact on their wedding night, whereby they agreed to kill anybody who got involved with their extramarital affairs.

Reagan had an affair with Kelly Cochran, which resulted in him coming to a very grisly end. The couple lured him into their home, where they shot him dead. They were then meticulous in cleaning up the crime scene; they dismembered Reagan’s body and buried his parts in the woods.

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of this case is the possibility that parts of the victim’s remains were served as burger meat at a neighborhood barbecue. Friends at the barbecue have spoken about how the burgers tasted strangely.

Iron River Police Chief Laura Frizzo, who investigated Reagan’s disappearance, knew he had had an affair with Kelly Cochran. However, the case lay cold until 2016 when Jason Cochran was discovered dead, murdered by his wife.

Kelly eventually admitted that Reagan’s death had angered her, so she took revenge on her husband by poisoning him with a lethal dose of heroin. She told investigators that Reagan was “the only good thing in her life.”

Kelly’s brother, Colton Caboyan, informed police he feared his sister was a serial killer. Her family has stated that they believe she may have killed as many as 9 people, burying then throughout the midwest. Chris Reagan’s ex-girlfriend Terri O’Donnell also believes the couple murdered more people.

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Kelly herself informed the police that she had other “friends” buried in Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, and Minnesota. However, the identities and specific locations of these bodies remain a mystery.

Kelly was charged with the first-degree murders of Chris Reagan and Jason Cochran and was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

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