Murder of Chip Taylor and family by Lori Ann Taylor Keller and Nakia Keller examined on ID

Mugshot of Lori Anne Taylor Keller and Nakia Keller
Lori Anne Taylor Keller and Nakia Keller were sentenced to a life behind bars. Pic credit: Hardy County Sheriff’s Office

Investigation Discovery is investigating a triple homicide in West Virginia where Chip Taylor, Allaina Taylor, and her daughter Kaylee Whetzel were murdered by Chip’s ex-wife Lori Ann Taylor Keller and her new husband, Nakia Keller.

On October 23, 2009, firefighters were called to the home of fellow firefighter Dennis ‘Chip’ Taylor in Hardy County, W.VA, where they found the house engulfed in flame.

Inside the burnt-out home, they sadly located the charred remains of 36-year-old Chip, along with the bodies of his 39-year-old wife, Allaina, and her 5-year-old daughter, Kaylee.

An investigation revealed that the three victims had been shot dead, execution-style. The house had then deliberately been set ablaze in an attempt to conceal the evidence.

The police soon began to suspect that Chip’s ex-wife, Lorie Ann Taylor-Keller, and her new husband, Nakia Keller were responsible for the crime.

Chip Taylor had won custody battle with Lori Ann Taylor Keller

Chip and Lorie Ann had been embroiled in an acrimonious custody battle for the three children.

The fight for custody of the children was not going well for Taylor-Keller, so she decided to enlist the help of Keller to kill Chip and his new family.

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The cops believe that Taylor-Keller and Keller traveled from their home in Forks Run, Virginia, to Hardy County, W.VA, where they forced their way into Chip’s home and shot the three victims with a 9mm pistol.

After the murderous couple had set fire to the home, they further attempted to cover their tracks by dumping their unspent bullets on the roadside. Taylor also used an electric saw to cut the pistol into small pieces.

The killers also insisted that the three children provide them an alibi and tell the police they had been at home all night. Thankfully, the cops weren’t buying their lies, and the pair were taken into custody and charged with murder.

At one point, Lori Ann Keller tried to persuade Keller to commit suicide, which she thought would indicate that he had acted alone. In the end, they both pleaded guilty and will spend the rest of their lives behind bars.

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