Murder of Cassie Cotta by her husband, Brent Cotta, highlighted on American Monster

Cassie and Brent Cotta photo
Cassie Cotta was murdered by her husband, Brent, at their home in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Pic credit: Family / Arkansas Department of Corrections

The murder of Cassie Cotta by Brent Cotta is highlighted in the latest episode of American Monster on Investigation Discovery.

On December 30, 2011, Cassie went to a party in Alma, Arkansas, and was never seen alive again. When she failed to show up for work at Perry’s Place in Fort Smith the following day, her mother, Pearl Cook, reported the 24-year-old missing.

Investigators questioned Brent for hours about what happened to his wife, and they said he gave multiple accounts of what took place. When investigators confronted him about the inconsistencies in his stories, he confessed to murdering Cassie.

He told law enforcement officers that when his wife returned home from attending a party, they got into an argument. It escalated, and he ended up strangling her to death before dumping her body off Gun Club Road in rural Crawford County.

Four days after Cassie was reported missing, Brent led police to her body. Her purse and cell phone were also found at the scene.

Before he confessed to Cassie’s murder, he helped pass out flyers He also spoke with the media and told them that he is focused on bringing his wife home safely.

In the 40/29 News video, he refers to Cassie as “colorful. irritable, and blunt. He added that “she’s beautiful. She’s perfect. She’s everything you could want in someone. She’s got every little quality.”

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Cassie and Brent had been married for six months, and their marriage was already in trouble. A relative stated that the couple had several domestic abuse incidents during their two-year relationship.

Brent was arrested and booked into the Sebastian County Adult Detention Center on a $500,000 cash bond.

He was charged with first-degree murder.

In 2012, he pled guilty to murdering his wife and was sentenced to at least 30 years in prison with 10 years suspended.

American Monster — An Open Relationship, airs at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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suk mu dik
suk mu dik
3 years ago


3 years ago

Sorry, but when you choose to live your life like Cassie, does it really surprise you when it ends up like it did?

2 years ago
Reply to  TheRoadWarrior

She didn’t deserve what he did. I agree the open marriage thing in her first was screwed up but she was extremely young. Unfortunately some people don’t get the wisdom you obviously have until later on in their years. I’m glad you’re special on that way.

Steve Hammond
Steve Hammond
2 years ago

The path our lives take is guided by the sum of all the decisions, both good and bad, we make along the way. Cassie made a lot of bad decisions in her life and ultimately they came back to haunt her.

Sun DeLong
Sun DeLong
1 year ago

Many times we don’t learn how to handle the situations where we have conflicts till we gets old . When I was 24 years old I was very impulsive with my emotions . Cassis should handle her situation wisely not to aggravate Brent’s pride .
No matter what situations , two people in your life is diabolical.

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