Murder of Carolyn Sue Roberts by Glynn Simmons is questioned by Reasonable Doubt

Mugshot of Glynn Simmons
Glynn Simmons (pictured in 2016) was convicted in 1975 of killing Carolyn Sue Roberts. Pic credit: OK Dept. of Corrections

Reasonable Doubt is investigating the murder of Carolyn Sue Roberts in Edmond, Oklahoma, in 1974. The following year Glynn Simmons and Don Roberts were convicted of the crime.

Since the murder, many serious questions and doubts have been raised about the validity of those two convictions. Some have wondered if the detectives at the time had felt under pressure to make an arrest and therefore made mistakes.

Simmons and Roberts were convicted almost solely on the testimony and identification of one eyewitness. However, due to the frequent unreliability of witness identifications, this evidence would not have been enough to convict in 2021.

On December 30, 1974, two men held up a liquor store in Edmond, OK, and in the process, they shot two women; the store clerk Carolyn Roberts and a customer, Belinda Brown. Thankfully, Brown survived her injuries, despite receiving a gunshot to the back of the head, and would become instrumental in securing a conviction. Unfortunately, Roberts did not survive.

Brown later picked Simmons and Roberts out of a police lineup, despite only seeing the killers for a split second. A third witness, Norma Hankins, said she only saw the gun and refused to point her finger at the two suspects.

Despite lack of evidence Glynn Simmons and Don Roberts were found guilty

Despite the lack of physical evidence and the suspects’ protestations, a jury found both men guilty of first-degree murder, and they were sentenced to death by electric chair.

Roberts was from Oklahoma City, and Simmons was originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. The latter claimed he had only arrived in Oklahoma six days after the murder and that he had never been to Edmond or even heard of the place.

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In 1977, Simmons and Roberts’ had their life sentences commuted to life in prison. Don Roberts was paroled after 33 years, but Simmons remains in prison and still claims he is innocent. Now the team at Reasonable Doubt is looking into the case.

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Reasonable Doubt airs at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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2 years ago

I like the show but have you noticed that they always decide the white defendants are guilty? The only ones they side wth are people of color.

Victoria R Pike
Victoria R Pike
2 years ago
Reply to  Lee

Wow! And who is the racist one… That’s just you noticing what you want

Jewel Kidd
2 years ago

Or maybe it’s you NOT noticing what you don’t want to.

Mary Tarry
Mary Tarry
2 years ago

The murder victim is “Carolyn Sue Rogers” (not Roberts).

According to the Innocence Project: “An analysis of the 297 DNA exonerations reveals MINORITIES make up approximately 70% of those proven innocent through DNA testing.”

Bridgett Garvin
Bridgett Garvin
2 years ago

Lee, don’t be naive. Statically and realistically is has been shown REPEATEDLY that black men are most often, incorrectly incarcerated. THIS is WHY Colin Kaepernick took a knee. Sadly, white people STILL DON’T GET IT and from your statement, YOU DON’T EITHER…… ijs

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