Murder of Carol Grannon by Jeff Grannon investigated on Betrayed

Mugshot of Jeff Grannon
Jeff Grannon admitted to killing his wife, Carol Grannon. Pic credit: OK Dept. of Corrections

Betrayed is examining the murder of Carol Grannon, a mother of four children who was strangled by her husband, Jeff Grannon, in Muskogee, Oklahoma.

Carol disappeared on March 15, 1999, and her whereabouts remained a mystery until 2011 when her body was discovered encased in concrete in a sewer behind Jeff’s mother’s house. Carol’s age was reported differently in various outlets, with her listed as 28, 36, and 37 when she died.

The mystery was cracked after Jeff’s son, Josh Grannon, was arrested in February 2011 for manufacturing methamphetamine. While in custody, Josh told detectives that when he was a boy, his father had killed Carol, and he had helped dispose of the body.

Jeff was arrested without incident at his home. Muskogee County Sheriff Charles Pearson described how he was taken into custody: “Grannon was pacing and even offered to help us with any work we may need him to help us with. One point, he went to shake the officer’s hand, and the police officer obliged him and shook him right into a pair of handcuffs.”

At the time, Pearson said Jeff confessed to the murder and that the investigators were 99% convinced he was the killer. The cops never learned Jeff’s motive for the killing.

Sheriff Pearson said, “I hope he’ll never see the light of day as a free man the rest of his life.”

Jeff Grannon confessed to killing Carol Grannon with a zip tie

In court, Jeff admitted to strangling Carol with a zip tie. Jeff took an Alford plea, meaning he accepted that the police had enough evidence for a conviction. He was sentenced to life in prison but with an option for parole after serving 15 years.

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Sheriff’s Investigator Eddie Walker, who was an ex-husband of Carol and a father to two of her children, said he always suspected Jeff was involved in her disappearance.

Walker said he once confronted Jeff, telling him, “I think you did this, and I almost know you did this, and one day I’ll find out.” Jeff responded by telling him, “Well, whatever you think.”

Jeff Grannon convicted of Carol Grannon murder

According to Oklahoma Department of Corrections records, Grannon was released from prison in 2015. It is unclear why he was released.

Josh Grannon avoided jail time for helping his father dispose of Carol’s remains, but he did go to prison for various drug offenses. He is currently out on probation.

Mugshot of Josh Grannon
Josh Grannon has faced jail time for drug offenses, but he helped the police catch his father for murder. Pic credit: OK Dept. of Corrections

This episode of Betrayed airs Saturday at 8/7c on Investigation Discovery.

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