Murder of Calvin Fields by his wife, Laverne, highlighted on Lone Star Justice

Laverne Fields photo
In 1999, Laverne Fields murdered her husband, Calvin Fields, and tried to make it look like a suicide. Pic credit: Smith County Sheriff’s Office

Lone Star Justice on Investigation Discovery details the case of Calvin Fields, who was murdered by his wife, Laverne Fields.

On September 27, 1999, officers and emergency first responders were dispatched to a home in Tyler, Texas, after receiving a 911 call from Laverne telling them her husband of just over a year had committed suicide.

When officers and EMS arrived at the scene, they discovered Calvin in the bedroom, laying on his back with blood coming from his mouth and nose. After examining the scene and his body,  detectives concluded that he had killed himself and therefore, ruled his death a suicide.

However, after Calvin’s body had already been embalmed, a mortician discovered an entry wound in the back of his head, indicating that he couldn’t have killed himself. The mortician’s findings prompted police to request an autopsy.

Investigators then tested the .9 millimeter pistol that was found at the scene, but they were unable to find any usable fingerprints. Officers at the scene said they noticed the victim’s wife had blood on her coat, so they had it tested as well, along with the bedding. It all came back negative for gunshot residue.

However, the investigation revealed that Laverne killed her husband and made it look like suicide so she could collect the insurance money.

In 2000, she was arrested and was eventually sentenced to 90 years in prison. Laverne appealed in 2003 but the original judgment was upheld.

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