Murder of Brucetravius Frazier by Gregory Todd investigated on The Murder Tapes

Mugshot of Gregory Todd
Gregory Todd was sentenced to 30 years behind bars for the murder of Brucetravious Frazier. Pic credit: Alabama Dept. of Corrections

The Murder Tapes is investigating the shooting of Brucetravius Frazier by Gregory Todd in Opelika, Alabama, in 2018.

On the evening of 23 July 2018, the cops responded to a call of multiple shots fired at a location in Opelika. They later found 28-year-old Frazier in his car on a neighboring street; he had been hit in the head with a single bullet and was in really bad condition.

The paramedics quickly worked on Frazier before rushing him to a hospital in Columbus, Georgia. The victim fought for his life for two days before succumbing to his injuries.

Gregory Todd was soon arrested for Brucetravius Frazier murder

Less than a month later, the police had made an arrest; they captured teenager Gregory Todd in Camp Hill, AL, approximately 22 miles to the northwest of the murder scene.

The Opelika Police Dept. detectives had enlisted the help of not just the Camp Hill P.D. but also the U. S. Marshall’s Office, the Gulf Coast Regional Fugitive Task Force, the Tallapoosa County Sheriff’s Office.

The 18-year-old killer from Cusseta, Alabama, was charged and eventually convicted of murder. He was sent to the Easterling Correctional Center to serve 30 years behind bars.

He was also sentenced to 25 years for attempted murder and 20 years for various other offenses; however, those sentences were to be served concurrently. He is expected to be eligible for parole from September 2033.

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