Murder of Bethany Hill by Kayleigh Woods and Jack Williams investigated on Deadly Women

Mugshots of Kayleigh Woods and Jack Williams
Kayleigh Woods and Jack Williams were convicted of murdering Bethany Hill. Pic credit: Warwickshire Police

Deadly Women is traveling across the pond to Stratford-upon-Avon, England, to investigate the horrifying murder of Bethany Hill by her two roommates, Kayleigh Woods and Jack Williams.

Stratford-upon-Avon is a relatively small English town, best known as the birthplace of 16th-century playwright William Shakespeare, not somewhere associated with brutal murder. But in 2016, a young couple, Woods and Williams, decided to murder their roommate, Hill, seemingly for pleasure.

On February 23, 2016, Woods called the police and told them her “best friend” Bethany Hill had killed herself in their apartment. When the cops arrived, they found 20-year-old Hill lying in the bathroom, completely covered in blood.

The cops learned that Hill had a history of self-harm, but despite that, they felt something didn’t quite add up, and they became suspicious of Woods.

Hill had multiple cut and stab wounds to her neck, and her jugular vein had been cut, but most tellingly, her hands had been bound with tape.

Hill had had a relationship with Williams when they were teenagers, but he was now romantically involved with the transgender Woods. The three all lived together in one apartment and they were supposedly friends; there had even been talk of Williams fathering a child with Hill. However, the relationship between the three was later reported as fiery.

Jack Williams and Kayleigh Woods practiced killing Bethany Hill on a Barbie doll

A search of the house revealed a naked Barbie doll that had been given the same hair style and hair color as Hill. The doll had its hands bound in tape and marks similar to the wounds inflicted on Hill. The cops concluded that Williams and Woods had practiced killing Hill on this doll.

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A neighbor told investigators that they heard moaning and the sound of a head hitting the wall during the night Hill was murdered.

The police arrested both Williams and Woods, and they were both convicted of murder and ordered to spend a minimum of 26 years in prison. Their motive was deemed “perverted pleasure.”

Hill’s family described her as a “fun loving girly girl” before adding, “Beth was killed by two people who have shown no remorse or understanding of how their monstrous actions have impacted on our lives and so many other lives.”

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Deadly Women: Fatal Instincts airs Saturday at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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