Murder of Beth Kutz by estranged husband Daniel Kutz profiled on Murder in the Heartland

Family pic of Beth Kutz
The remains of Beth Kutz are still missing over 20 years after her murder. Pic credit: Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, WI

Murder in the Heartland is investigating the murder of Elizabeth “Beth” Kutz, who was killed by her husband, Daniel Kutz, in Columbia County, Wisconsin.

In 2000, Beth and Daniel were having serious problems in their marriage, which caused Beth to leave their home with their two children and move to her mother’s house in Poynette, WI. Unfortunately, two weeks later, Beth vanished without a trace, and her remains have never been found.

On July 27, 2000, Beth left her workplace in DeForest, WI, but never returned to her family in Poynette, a mere 15 miles to the north.

Beth’s family reported her missing, and a few hours later, the cops found Daniel’s car parked near Beth’s employer. Daniel was later picked up by Dane County deputies, who found him walking along a highway without a shirt or shoes. The deputies dropped him off at his brother’s house.

DeForest detectives questioned Daniel at his brother’s house, where they noticed he had scratches and a sore on his wrists. His feet appeared wet, and he was physically exhausted and depressed. He told officers he hadn’t slept in two days and was upset about his failing marriage.

Daniel claimed that he had gone to meet his wife at her workplace, and they had driven around in her Jeep for a few hours. He claimed they had sex before parting company. He said he left his boots in her Jeep and decided to walk 30 miles home.

Daniel Kutz showed zero concern for missing Beth Kutz following murder

The killer seemed depressed about his marriage but also unconcerned about the fact Beth was missing. He made no effort to help in finding her.

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Daniel was arrested after the cops found a speck of blood on his wristwatch.

Beth’s Jeep was found a couple of days later in Madison, WI. The investigators found a small amount of Beth’s blood in the cargo area of the vehicle; they also found a fingerprint matching Daniel.

The cops concluded that Daniel killed Beth, disposed of her body, and then drove the Jeep to Madison. He then began hitchhiking home along the highway.

A January 2001 trial found Daniel Kutz guilty of first-degree intentional homicide, hiding a corpse, stalking, and obstructing an officer. He was given a life sentence.

Killer Daniel Kutz refuses to say where he put Beth Kutz remains

Daniel has never revealed what he did with Beth’s body, something which has denied her family closure.

In July 2022, 20 years after Beth’s murder, Detective Captain Jason Kocovsky said the case would remain open until her body was found. Kocovsky said of Daniel, “He’s had this conviction, so he knows he will spend the rest of his life in the state prison system. And the only thing he has control over now is that one aspect of where Beth’s body is.”

Kocovsky asked that anyone with any information about the case contact him at 608-742-4166 ext 3302.

Murder in the Heartland airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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