Savage murder of Anna Catherine Cardwell in her home by Josh Caspari profiled in Murder Comes Home on ID

Mugshot of Josh Caspari
Josh Caspari was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. Pic credit: Elmore County Sheriff’s Office

Murder Comes Home investigates the senseless killing of 20-year-old Anna Catherine Cardwell in February 2012, who was found dead in a blood-splattered scene that was reminiscent of the set of a horror movie.

Her killer, Josh Caspari, had been an acquaintance of Cardwell. She had been trying to warn a friend against having a relationship with Caspari. Her interfering in his love life seems to have driven Caspari into a murderous rage. The murder shocked this quiet community in Wetumpka, Alabama.

Caspari staked out the house

After his arrest, Caspari admitted to police that he had staked out the house on February 10. He had hidden in a ditch near the home. In his possession, he had a bag with a mask, knife, and a gun. At that time, Anna was never left alone in the house, so Caspari gave up and left.

On February 15, he returned to the ditch and watched Cardwell’s mother leave. Satisfied that the coast was clear, he approached the house and rang the bell. Cardwell let her would-be killer in the home, and the pair began to argue.

Caspari then pulled out a firearm, he pulled the trigger twice hitting Cardwell in the back and the shoulder.

Despite being injured, Cardwell actually attempted to make run for it through the kitchen and out the back door. Unfortunately, Caspari managed to catch her and pull her back into the house, where he shot her dead. After the murder, Caspari stole the victim’s car, which he later abandoned.

Officers searched Caspari’s apartment, and after being confronted with evidence of his crime, he confessed. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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Investigators later spoke of the particularly bloody scene that was left behind. A trail of blood followed Anna’s movements as she had tried to escape her killer. Blood was splattered all over the hallway and in the kitchen where Caspari had dragged her back into the house.

Josh Caspari attempted a jailbreak

In 2013, while awaiting sentencing in Elmore County jail, Caspari elicited the help of his sister Jessica Caspari and another woman, Brittany Penn, to find him a way to escape.

He instructed them to tell him about the whereabouts of doors and windows around the jail’s yard. The attempt was unsuccessful, and both women ended up serving time in the same jail.

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