Murder of Angela Savage by former classmate Gary Troutman spotlighted on ID

Mugshot of Gary Troutman
Gary Troutman has a long history of violence against women. Pic credit: Broward County Sheriff’s Office

In Deerfield Beach in Florida in 1986, two young women were discovered raped and murdered within a few weeks of each other. Cassandra Scott had been pregnant and only 17-years-old when she was found murdered behind an auto repair shop.

Just a few weeks later, the pregnant 24-year-old Angela Savage and her 6-month son were reported missing by her boyfriend. Savage had been last seen at a neighborhood store with her infant son. Witnesses reported seeing a man approach her as she walked home.

The next day her baby son was found safe and sound on the porch of a family friend. Unfortunately, Angela was discovered the following morning; her remains sprawled out on the road. She’d had been bound, raped, and strangled to death.

The murders remained a mystery until 1994 when Gary Troutman was arrested after attacking his wife. Fearing his wife was going to “turn him in,” he confessed to the Scott murder. He told the cops that a strangulation fantasy had compelled him to murder the pregnant teen.

In 1996 he pleaded guilty to murdering Cassandra Scott and was locked up in jail.

DNA evidence caught up with murderer Gary Troutman

While in prison, his DNA was collected and put on the national database. It was now only a matter of time before investigators would learn of his involvement in the Savage murder. However, there was still time for him to cause suffering.

He received an early release in 2005 but was back in jail less than a year later after battering and threatening his new girlfriend. In 2007 Troutman was breathing free air once again, but not for long as investigators finally caught up to him for the Savage murder.

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It was 2015 before 54-year-old Troutman finally had to answer for the killing of Angela Savage. A judge pronounced him guilty and sentenced him to 30-years in prison. He will be in his 70s before being eligible for release again.

A relative of Savage said after the sentencing, “He’s the devil. He doesn’t deserve to live among decent human beings.”

Troutman had known Angela Savage quite well; they had grown up together, attended the same high school, and their families prayed at the same church.

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