Murder of Amy Robinson by Michael Hall and Robert Neville investigated on Prosecuting Evil With Kelly Siegler

Mugshot of Robert Neville
Robert Neville and his accomplice, Michael Wayne Hall, were executed for killing Amy Robinson. Pic credit: TX Dept. of Criminal Justice

Prosecuting Evil With Kelly Siegler is examining the shocking murder of teenager Amy Robinson, who was abducted and tortured to death by Michael Wayne Hall and Robert Neville in Arlington, Texas.

The 19-year-old Robinson had a genetic disorder, Turner’s syndrome, which left her mentally challenged and affected her growth and sexual development. In February 1998, she was working hard to overcome her difficulties and had recently got a job at a Kroger supermarket.

It was at the store that Amy first encountered 18-year-old Hall and 23-year-old Neville. Neville was an ex-convict, having served time for burglary, and Hall was a ninth-grade dropout. Both men were fired from their jobs at the supermarket.

The twisted duo decided they wanted to kill someone and concluded that Amy would be an easy target. They approached her as she cycled to work, offering her a lift the rest of the way.

Hall and Neville drove Amy to a remote area of Tarrant County, where they tied her up and shot her repeatedly with a pellet gun and a crossbow.

The two killers later told officers from the Texas Rangers that they used Amy for target practice. She was alive and begging for her life throughout this ordeal. Hall and Neville said they just laughed at her.

Robert Neville finally shot Amy Robinson in the head with a rifle

At some point, they began to be concerned that Amy was making a lot of noise, so Neville shot her in the head with a .22-caliber rifle.

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The pair returned to the body a few days later when they stole $4 or $5 from her pocket, and Neville shot her a few more times.

They were later arrested at a customs checkpoint near Eagle Pass as they attempted to flee to Mexico.

Hall and Neville became notorious for their lack of remorse, bravado, and callousness toward the crime and their victim. Hall told the cops Amy “was suffering anyway. So, I guess we just gave her a back door.”

Neville told a reporter that he and Hall had hoped to be serial killers and planned to target racial minorities. Amy was reportedly part native American.

Neville said, “We had a bet going to see who could shoot and kill the most people between the two of us. No matter if it was blacks or Mexicans… Anybody as long as they weren’t our color.”

Robert Neville and Michael Wayne Hall executed for killing Amy Robinson

Both men were convicted of murder and condemned to death. Neville was executed in February 2006, and at the time, he finally showed some remorse, apologizing to Amy’s family.

Hall was finally executed in February 2011. His legal team attempted to get a stay of execution by arguing that Neville had been the ringleader and that Hall was mentally impaired with an IQ level too low to allow for his execution.

However, the US Supreme Court refused to stop the execution. Like Neville before him, Hall also showed remorse just before he died.

Prosecuting Evil With Kelly Siegler airs Saturday at 8/7c on Oxygen.

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