Murder of Allison Walker by brother-in-law George Walker profiled on Dead Silent

George Walker mugshot2
George Walker confessed to killing sister-in-law Allison Walker but never fully explained why. Pic credit: Kentucky Dept. of Corrections

Dead Silent is in Logan County, Kentucky, this week, to investigate the murder of Allison Walker on a pig farm near Adairville in 2015.

On December 21, 2015, Allison Walker was living in a rented home with her husband, Chris Walker, and his brother George Walker, when she was strangled to death in the kitchen of the house by George.

After he’d killed her, brother-law, George, bound Allison’s remains in rope and wrapped her up in a tarpaulin before throwing her into the Red River, which flowed next to the rural property.

When Allison’s husband, Chris, failed to locate his wife, he telephoned the Logan County Sheriff’s Office to report her missing. The police initially suspected Chris as being involved with her disappearance, so they took him down to the station for further questioning.

In the meantime, a deputy chatted with George to get a better idea of what might have happened to the 23-year-old Allison. At this stage, George was repeatedly told that he was not under arrest and was under no obligation to speak to the officers.

George Walker confessed to murdering Allison Walker

As the officers talked with George, they wandered down to the river where they recovered Allison’s body; her brother-in-law even helped them pull the remains out of the water.

Shortly after they’d located Allison’s remains, George made a full confession to the officers as they stood on the river bank.

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When taken in for further questioning, George Walker again made a full confession. He was subsequently arrested and charged with murder.

The killer stressed to the police that he had acted alone and that Chris had nothing to do with the murder. He refused to say why he had killed Allison beyond a vague statement that it was because of “the wrong belief.”

Walker was convicted by a Logan Circuit Court jury of murder and tampering with physical evidence and was sentenced to 55 years in prison.

He made an appeal but in 2019 the outcome of the trial was upheld by the Supreme Court of Kentucky.

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Dead Silent airs at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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