Murder of Alicia DeBolt by Adam Longoria highlighted on Murder Under the Friday Night Lights

Mugshot of Adam Longoria
Adam Longoria will likely die in prison following his conviction for Alicia DeBolt’s murder. Pic credit: KS Dept. of Corrections

Murder Under the Friday Night Lights is examining the murder of teenager Alicia DeBolt, who was raped and murdered by Adam Longoria in Great Bend, Kansas.

On August 21, 2010, 14-year-old Alicia was seen leaving her home just before midnight to go to a party. Her charred remains were discovered three days later near an asphalt factory where her killer worked.

The then 36-year-old Longoria had met Alicia at a house party in May 2010. Despite the age difference, Longoria pursued a romantic relationship with the youngster.

The police would later discover numerous text messages between the pair as Longoria aggressively insisted on a relationship. The texts also revealed that he had picked up Alicia the night she was killed.

Witnesses reported seeing Alicia getting into a black Ford Escape belonging to Longoria’s girlfriend, Eva Brown. Brown told the police that when Longoria returned home that night, both him and the car smelled of gasoline.

Brown also admitted to investigators that her boyfriend had shredded the t-shirt he wore on the night of the murder and insisted that she dispose of the garment, telling her to do it if she really loved him.

Evidence mounted against Adam Longoria in Alicia DeBolt killing

The cops seized the car and discovered a stain on the driver’s floor mat that contained a mix of Longoria’s semen and Alicia’s DNA.

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The investigators also recovered Longoria’s gym shoes that had gasoline on them, and they found surveillance footage of him buying a small amount of gas on the night of the murder.

Alicia DeBolt smiling in a profile pic
Alicia DeBolt was just 14 years old when she was brutally murdered. Pic credit: Great Bend PD

Once Longoria realized the cops were closing in, he stole an SUV from his workplace and fled. However, he also stole a company cellphone, which the police were able to track, and the highway patrol soon pulled him over.

Adam Longoria sentenced to life for killing Alicia DeBolt

Longoria’s defense team argued their client was guilty of pursuing a minor but that he wasn’t the killer.

However, the jury disagreed, and he was convicted of capital murder, criminal sodomy, aggravated criminal sodomy, and attempted rape. He was also found guilty of vehicle burglary and theft.

The prosecution had already ruled out the death penalty, meaning the judge was forced by law to sentence him to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Longoria cowardly exercised his right not to attend his sentencing hearing.

The Alicia DeBolt murder case has previously featured on ID in Web of Lies.

Murder Under the Friday Night Lights airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on Investigation Discovery.

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