Murder of Aaron Smith by Denice Smith and Deborah Graham profiled on Twisted Sisters

Police tape

Twisted Sisters is investigating the shocking murder of Aaron Smith in Cocke County, Tennessee, by his ex-wife Denice Smith and her sister Deborah Graham.

Denice and Deborah hired Alexandro Rivera to kill Aaron after winning custody of his and Denice’s two children following a bitter court battle.

In 1997, Aaron Smith and his new wife were living on the campsite Camprite Acres, which was run by his father, Harry Smith.

And on July 23, the body of Aaron Smith was discovered by his father on the walkway leading up to his house. He had been shot three times, once in the back and twice in the head.

The investigators were instantly suspicious of Aaron’s former wife, Denice Smith. The pair had gone through an acrimonious custody battle following a bitter divorce, which ended with Aaron and his new wife winning custody of his two children.

However, before Aaron could claim custody, Denice fled to Florida with the two children. Denice made contact with her sister Deborah Graham and her alleged boyfriend, Alexandro Rivera.

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While Denice stayed at a motel with the two kids, Deborah and Rivera drove to Tennessee in a car hired by Denice, to confront Aaron. Rivera broke into the Smith home at the campsite, where he ransacked the house and stole various items of jewelry.

He later claimed that he had just meant to scare Aaron, but he ended up shooting the father of two when he arrived home unexpectedly. Deborah and the killer then returned to Florida, but not before a Tennesse State Trooper had issued Rivera a speeding ticket.

Denice Smith openly talked about killing husband Aaron Smith

Meanwhile, the police had learned that Denise had told numerous people in the months prior to Aaron’s death that if her ex-husband won custody of their children, she would find a way to kill him. The police began to suspect that Denice and Deborah had hired Rivera to murder Aaron.

A description of a suspicious individual given by a resident at the campsite combined with evidence from the State Trooper led investigators to Florida and to Deborah and Rivera.

The investigators arrested sisters Denice Smith and Deborah Graham along with Alexandro Rivera and gradually uncovered a complicated plot that had ended with the murder of  Aaron Smith.

The killers were discovered to have jewelry stolen from the Smith household, and both Deborah and Denice had made confessions to fellow prisoners while in custody.

The twisted sisters, Denice and Deborah, were found guilty of murder, and both received life sentences with the possibility of parole. Rivera was found guilty of murder and was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole.

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Twisted Sisters airs at 9/8c on Investigation Discovery.

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