Mom and daughter, Robin and Mani Aldridge, murdered by Gene Washington: Dead Reckoning investigates

Mugshot of Gene Washington
Gene Washington was convicted of murdering Robin Aldridge and her teenage daughter, Mani, in 2017. Pic credit: Albemarle County Sheriff’s Office

This week on Dead Reckoning, the team examine a double homicide from Charlottesville, Virginia, where a mother and her adoptive daughter were murdered, and their house set ablaze at the end of 2014.

On December 5, 2014, firefighters discovered the bodies of 58-year-old teacher Robin Aldridge and her 17-year-old daughter, Mani, in their home.

Gene Washington had beaten the pair to death before wrapping their remains in blankets and setting fire to the house.

The police were directed towards Washington almost immediately, and he was arrested a mere three days after the murders.

Evidence pointed to Gene Washington as the murderer

Robin’s car was located at Washington’s apartment complex. And when investigators searched a nearby dumpster, they uncovered a slightly bent, blood-stained knife, towels, rubber gloves, and a pair of Washington’s bloody shoes.

DNA was retrieved from the knife, which matched both Washington and Mani.

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Washington is thought to have had a relationship with Mani, but it is not clear how serious their affair had been. The police stated that they had not been in contact for several months before the murder.

Washington continued to profess his innocence until he eventually admitted to murdering the mother and daughter. He still claimed self-defense by arguing that he was embroiled in a love triangle with both Robin and Mani.

He says that Robin attacked him when she discovered him having sex with Mani and claims that in the ensuing chaos, he killed both women.

Prosecutors accused him of lying about his relationship with the two women. They argued that Mani had caught him robbing the house, and he killed her and then waited for Robin to come home before also murdering her.

In June 2017, Washington avoided the possibility of the death penalty when he entered an Alford plea and admitted to killing Robin and Mani. He received a life sentence plus 40 years in prison.

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