Missing Maura Murray update: FBI releases age-progressed photo after she vanished 20 years ago

An age progressed photo of Maura Murray
This photo shows how Maura Murray might look today, aged 41, after she disappeared 20 years ago. Pic credit: FBI

The authorities in New Hampshire have released an age-progressed photo of Maura Murray, who has been missing for 20 years after her car crashed in a rural area of the state near Haverhill.

The FBI has created a photograph (see above) that portrays how Maura might look today. The 21-year-old nursing student at UMass Amherst vanished on February 9, 2004, and the case has left the police baffled.

The photograph was released yesterday to mark the grim 20th anniversary of her disappearance to keep the case in the media and hopefully jog the memories of the public.

The authorities said the timing of the photo’s release was “consistent with missing person investigations” and does not reflect any changes in the investigation. The FBI created a Violent Criminal Apprehension Profile for Maura two years ago.

In a statement yesterday, New Hampshire Attorney General John Formella wrote, “We are continuing to work with our local, state, and federal partners, including the FBI, to identify resources to try to advance this case.”

Formella added, “It is our hope that this twentieth anniversary of Ms. Murray’s disappearance will bring renewed attention to the case that might ultimately lead to justice and closure for the Murray family.”

Maura Murray disappeared after crashing her car in New Hampshire

Maura was driving on Route 112 near Haverhill when her 1996 Saturn came off the road. Two passing motorists saw Maura standing beside her car on the roadside; one of the motorists offered her help, but she claimed she was ok.

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When the police arrived on the scene, they found a locked car and no sign of Maura. No clues have emerged in the last 20 years. It is unclear why she was in the area, though she was known to enjoy hiking in the nearby White Mountains.

Maura Murray smiles in a family pic
Maura Murray’s case has baffled law enforcement. Pic credit: FBI

Maura’s case has seen a surge of attention on the week of its 20th anniversary. Her case was featured this Monday on the popular podcast Crime Junkie.

Maura Murray sibling creates a new podcast about the missing case

Also, on Monday, Maura’s sister, Julie Murray, launched a new podcast called Media Pressure. The podcast is cohosted by Sarah Turney, whose sister Alissa is also missing. Murray and Turney hope to tell the stories of their missing siblings and keep their memory alive.

Murray told the Independent, “I was dependent on other people to get Maura’s story out there, but I had no control in how they portrayed it. And that’s difficult. To listen to a stranger give details about your sister and family whom they’ve never met. So, to be able to tell the story in my own words gave me that sense of control that I felt was missing.”

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